Haven’t turned off a game in years…


But I’m done tonight. Thoroughly outcoached once again. Minnesota’s offense looks leagues better than our offense. Rodgers looked bad once again – he really is off this year and he is definitely contributing to our decline. But McCarthy is mostly to blame and should absolutely be fired. He is so poor at reacting to what’s happening in a game. He just does his same thing and seems surprised when every team in the league predicts pretty easily what’s coming. The dropping Rodgers so deep just makes me so frustrated I can’t handle it. This has been going on for years. Rodgers then takes horrible sacks or throws it away. What ever happened to the slant routes that can be so difficult to defend – especially with a guy like Adams running them? They’ve just disappeared as a route we even run. Rodgers seems to want to throw a bomb on every play. I love long passes but not if they don’t make sense. Last week Rodgers got sacked what – 5 to 6 times on 3rd down? Just HORRIBLE coaching and play calling for this to happen over and over like this. McCarthy blew some nice play calling in the 1st quarter – just blew it and we got beat up by a very mediocre Viking team. Very…

Season is over – I say fire McCarthy tonight and get a head start on the whole coach search process. Give someone else a chance to show something different. Give Kizer some time so Rodgers doesn’t get hurt.

2 Responses to “Haven’t turned off a game in years…”

  1. Keith Says:

    Good morning,
    I did the same thing.

  2. Michael Dixon Says:

    I’m so over McCarthy’s inaction it isn’t funny. I agree, time to let him go.

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