• Packers defense last week was very good. That was the first real, full-game glimpse we’ve had at what I think Pettine can do as D Coordinator. I was very encouraged by this. Yes, Buffalo’s offense was bad but a good part of that was due to our defense. They lit up a MN defense the week before in MN.
  • I love that Rodgers got ticked at McCarthy. That had to happen – though I wonder why it didn’t have 5-6 years ago! McCarthy’s playcalling has plagued this team for a long time and Rodgers finally had it. Rodgers is absolutely right about this. I am hoping that this forces the Packers to make changes. Rodgers knows more about what’s going on offensively than Mike McCarthy and he should drive what we’re doing.
  • I do think a good piece of Rodgers’ dissatisfaction is his lingering bitter feeling about the Packers getting rid of Alex Van Pelt and Jordy. Those were two of his closest friends and two people that he coordinated a fair amount w/re to the offense. I get why he’s frustrated.
  • I think this is a critical game for the season. If the Packers can pull off a win here – and not get thoroughly out-coached…something I’m worried about…I think the Packers could really ride. Aaron Rodgers asserted himself this past week making it clear he is the unquestioned leader of this team. And if Mike McCarthy can’t help the offense get going, ultimately we all know he’ll be the one to go…not Rodgers.
  • While I’m never keen on a player being more powerful than a coach and running the show etc – in this case, until we have another coach this is how it should be.
  • Packers 37, Lions 31.

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