Packers D strong today – deserve shutout


One Response to “Packers D strong today – deserve shutout”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:


    * First shutout since 2010.
    * 7 sacks and not one roughing penalty
    * Bills only converted 3/16 3rd downs
    * Packers converted 11/19 3rd downs
    * Crosby continues to be money, including two FGs from 50+ yards
    * 141 yards rushing


    * Rodgers barely above 50% completion percentage
    * That strip-sack of Rodgers was ugly, protection needs to be better
    * Rodgers was right a solid offense would’ve ran away with this game

    I think the offense is missing Jordy Neslon (and today Randall Cobb). Too many new faces that Rodgers hasn’t had a lot of time to build a rapport with.

    But it was definitely heartening to see a solid performance out of our defense, even if it was against the struggling Bills. If the defense can continue to play well, and the offense can get on track, there may be hope for our season after all.

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