What an embarrassment


The team is just not playing for McCarthy. This is thoroughly embarrassing. When is Packers leadership going to realize that Mike McCarthy is just nothing without Aaron Rodgers. I don’t buy the argument – well we do have Rodgers – because yet again this season we don’t. But also, how foolish for a team to put all of its eggs in one basket. Rodgers needs help. Ridiculous to put so much pressure on just one player. Great teams have a number of different contributors doing different things – not one guy pulling off miracles every week. TT owns some of this too  as our talent is clearly lacking. But McCarthy’s just doesn’t bring it. How often do our teams come out lifeless like today?

Joe Callahan needs a chance here. Why would he NOT get a chance. It’s just stubbornness on McCarthy’s part. We’ve already seen what Hundley can do (or mostly can’t do), give Callahan a chance. We need to take finding a solid backup QB more seriously than we ever have. This is something on MM/TT – both so stubborn and wanting to develop from within – even though the Packers Quarterback school, revered for years for some reason, has really not churned out many quality QBs.


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