Klein is everywhere


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  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I guess you’re not going to have a separate “game thoughts” for this? Anyway, a few thoughts for the Saints @ Packers game:

    * I pretty much expected this to be a loss, and yet was still disappointed.

    * While the defense performance was disappointing in the second half, I think there’s only so much you can expect from them, especially when the offense isn’t doing anything.

    * No matter what his skills are running the ball, Hundley needs to do better in the passing game. 87 yards passing, a sub 500 pass completion rate, and under 4 yards an attempt is just not going to get it done.

    * If Hundley doesn’t show noticeable improvement in the next game, I think Thompson needs to seriously look around for somebody else to start at QB. The Packers might still have a chance to make the playoffs, but not if they don’t have a passing game.

    * Or am I being too optimistic for the Packers playoff chances? Case Keenum seems to be getting it done for the Vikings, and looking at their remaining schedule, the NFCN might already be out of reach for the Packers.

    * NFCS and NFCW both have two teams at 5 wins, it could very easily take 11 wins to get a wildcard spot in the NFC this season…

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