Game Thought Packers/Bears

  • Weird game. We had some bounces go out way early that helped – but it just seemed the Packers were ready or this game.
  • Bears were unlucky and also not very good. The first turnover was just a good play by Matthews. The weird snap/fumble was unlucky. But the other turnovers were bad. Despite Nance and Romo defending him throughout, Glennon threw some horrible and horribly costly passes.
  • Rodgers looked comfortable. We ran some good plays and I have to say, except for the lull in the 2nd quarter, the play calling was good today.
  • I hate to say I jinxed Montgomery by writing preseason that I essentially expected him to get injured – but the guy is fragile. I think he’s a good player (and apparently – a really neat guy) and I definitely like him at RB for us, but we just need to get used to him being injured.
  • The cheap shot by Trevathan was nasty – hope he gets suspended and hope Adams is OK.
  • I also thought the bull rushing on a punt with 4 minutes left when the game was totally over – hitting our punter Vogel hard. I really hope he’s not injured. He has been a great addition to the team.
  • How the Bears were running the ball down by 28 in the 4th quarter I don’t know. Wow – there are many reasons I’m glad I’m not a Bears fan but that was ridiculous.
  • Again – just a weird game today. Good win though. Hopefully we can get healthy before this next stretch of games vs Dallas, MN and New Orleans.

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