Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks

  • Nice first game.
  • First half was not good offensively, but very good defensively.
  • We owe the game to the Dom Capers and the defense – clearly.
  • The offensive game plan was surprisingly bad. It wasn’t until the 3rd quarter that the offense got anything going. The concern I had watching was that we had months to game plan for this game and knew the kind of defense they had. They haven’t changed what they do defensively for years yet we seemed to have no sense for how to attack that D. It wasn’t until McCarthy read Packergeeks at half time that we went with some screens and short passes to get things going! Seriously, we’re going to have more cover 2 defenses that can pressure with 4 – we’ll have to figure out better ways to attack these kinds of defenses.
  • Mike Daniels was a monster today. Wow. 1.5 sacks plus 1 forced fumble. But he seemed to be bugging Russell Wilson on just about every other play. Just a beast – definitely the player of the game.
  • Nick Perry is much better than Clay Matthews. I posted that during the game too. Yet Matthews gets all sorts of attention – has to be frustrating for Perry. He is just a much better player. I seriously think it’s time for Matthews to cut his hair. All it does now is slow him down.
  • Our secondary looked better today – much better than last year. Randall seemed to be at full health and looked sharp. Ha Ha and Burnett were very solid – especially Burnett. And Davon House looked pretty good. I also thought Rollins looked pretty good as well as Brice. Our D Line didn’t really let Wilson test the secondary a ton but the secondary looked better out there.
  • Punter Justin Vogel looked good out there today. I feel like he may really be a big boost for us this year in terms of field position.
  • Montgomery was pretty good today once he got going. It was tough going against that defense but he had some big plays at big moments. We’re going to have to get used to seeing him tended to on the bench with injuries – I just hope none of them are major.
  • Is it outrageous for me to think that Earl Thomas is the best safety to ever play the game? Sure – their defensive system is smart and his defensive teammates are also really good – but he just plays the game so perfectly. He anticipates, he make sure/ solid tackles but he can also make huge/jarring hits, he closes fast on the ball, he has good hands – and I think he messes with the head of maybe the most talented QB to ever play the game. Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, a few others perhaps were pretty dominant – I just don’t think I’d take anyone over Earl Thomas. He’s that good.
  • Really do not like how the Seahawks defenders bend offensive players back at the end of tackles – the only thing that can happen when they do that is an injury. Maybe that is their way of “finishing the tackle” – and no team in the NFL is better at tackling – but it seems cheapish to me.
  • Nice to see Jon Ryan have a nice game. He’s a good punter. Should not have let him go.
  • Also nice to see Blair Walsh come back. Even though he’s played his career with the 2 teams I hate the most, I felt horrible for him after that chip shot miss in the playoffs.
  • I know Bennett’s unsportsmanlike penalty was dumb – and it could have been really costly – but I like to see that kind of fire in a player. I noted that at the time – that it was stupid but kind of awesome. In order to win in football, especially the big games, you need a team that can play with fire and passion. Bennett clearly brings that – and when he did that what I liked was that it was an immediate reaction to something (even though that something was a perfectly legal hit on Rodgers.) He was FIRED up. We need fire. I think free agents are uniquely suited to bring fire to this team as many of the younger guys that have been in the system tend to take on the character of the broader team (and the team leaders) – which is quieter, not exactly super passionate seeming. Bennett brings his own style and personality and I think it will ultimately benefit this team in a number of ways.

2 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I’ll add one more thing to my previous comments: I’m not 100% sold on our defense just yet. Even setting aside the fact that this was just one game, the Seahawks o-line is clearly awful, and we need to see how they play against other teams to get a measure of how good they really are. If they can at least limit the damage caused by Julio Jones next week, then I’ll start to believe.

    • awhayes Says:

      Good point about seattles o line Dave. At one point during the game I wondered if we were watching one of the worst o line battles in a long time – especially for otherwise decent teams.

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