Welcome back Packer fans!


Super excited for another year of Packer football. Still trying to figure out how I feel about this team. The final game of last year didn’t leave me feeling confident in our playoff defense – once again. But Atlanta was absolutely on fire and should have won the Super Bowl. Still, I’m starting to think that unless the Packers have a top 5 or at least top 8 defense, winning the Super Bowl could be very difficult. That said here are my thoughts on the eve of the 2017 season:

  • TT’s forays into free agency picking up Lance Kendricks, Martellus Bennett, Ahmad Brooks, Davon House, Quinton Dials – to name a few. I think Bennett, Kendricks and Brooks will in the end, be the acquisitions that make the biggest difference.
  • With Kendricks and Bennett and the possibility of a legitimately threatening 2 TE set, I think our passing game could be very difficult to stop. While Jordy isn’t as fast, Cobb has slowed down some too and Davante seems to have an every-other-year-thing going – we still have 3 very good WRs, 1 elite TE, 1 decent TE, and a few up and coming WRs (Trevor Davis may break out this year and Alison showed some promise last year). Rodgers is going to have his way with all kinds of defenses in the passing game. He could have an unreal year this year. (And I should add, for the first time in a long time, if something were to happen to Rodgers, I actually think Brett Hundley could step in and give us a chance.)
  • Ty Mongomery is a natural runner. He will be very good especially if McCarthy and Rodgers work in screen plays and dump off passes. But I hate to say this – it’s hard to envision him making it through the season. He is super injury prone. The fortunes of our running game may eventually lie with one of the rookie backs (hopefully Aaron Jones).
  • Trading Jayrone Elliott was not a good decision. He was like Desmond Bishop – he had talent and had a knack for making big plays. We BADLY need players like that out there. I’m guessing he goes on and has a decent career in Dallas.
  • I think punter Justin Vogel could be a big upgrade this year. We’ve had iffy punting, in my mind, really since Jon Ryan was jettisoned a few years back. Vogel is showing promise early on with regard to hang-time.
  • This year, more than any other, will come down to the defense. Even though the offense may struggle some (as it has in recent years) because defenses seem somewhat able to predict McCarthy game plans, I think our talent will overcome that. It will be our defense that either helps push us to the Super Bowl, or leads to more late season disappointment.

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