Why not AP?


I’ve been a bit surprised to see Adrian Peterson just flail out there in free agency. I know he’s had injuries and he struggled at the end of last year.  But assuming he can get back into playing shape I think he’d be a potentially huge addition to the Packers if we could get a good deal for him. He could essentially mentor Ty Montgomery – maybe even playing as a back up to Montgomery. I know his salary (estimated at $4-$5/year) would be steep for him to be a 3rd down back but I think he’d be a huge threat to defenses lining up behind Rodgers. They could never leave a guy like him inaccounted for – even if he’s slowed down. He could pose major matchup issues. And I think pairing him with Rodgers might really  be rejuvenating for him – he’s never really played with a decent QB.

3 Responses to “Why not AP?”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Well, as you say, he’s got a pretty significant injury, he’s 32 tomorrow (oooold for a RB). He might have a good season or two left in him, but honestly, I don’t see the appeal. I’d rather see the Packers go after CMike (which apparently they’re not going to?)

    > he’s never really played with a decent QB.

    Favre in 2009?

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Packers have resigned CMike. I feel like Montgomery + CMike + Ripowski, along with maybe a late round pick or undrafted FA will give us all the backfield we need.

    • awhayes Says:

      Actually I would like to see Michael get more of a chance next year. I think he could be really good.

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