Lance Kenricks too?


Huh. I liked Jared Cook for sure and I’m sad to see him go if for no other reason than that he and Rodgers clearly established a great rapport late last year. But I have to say I’m super excited about the Packers picking up both Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks. Bennett is obviously good and as well as Cook played last year, should even be an upgrade over Cook. It’s clear to me that Rodgers went to Ted Thompson after the season and said something to the effect of “our offense was horrible until Cook got going – then everything turned out. He opened up the whole field. Either re-sign him or bring in another elite TE”. Bennett should be a difference maker. But signing Lance Kendricks could be a HUGE addition to this team. He has been under the radar playing for mostly crappy QBs since coming into the league. Many of us watched him at UW – he was a dominant TE in college and has all the tools to be dominant in the NFL too. But if he’s not THE main TE in an offense like ours, we could genuinely have a situation like the Patriots had before their incredible TE duo a few years ago was split up due to Hernandez’ ridiculous criminal behavior. I’m excited about these two signings.

3 Responses to “Lance Kenricks too?”

  1. notjohnheard Says:

    Less enthusiastic about Kendricks and Bennett than I am concerned that we lost Hyde, Lang and now Lacy.

  2. Frank G Says:

    The TE situation needed to be addressed and it was, but Davon House is not going to turn around the fortunes of a defense that got crushed in its last 5 quarters of play. The Packers are weaker now then they were when free agency started. Once again, it seems, we are going to have to hope that someone on the roster makes a giant leap forward, or that TT rolls a couple of 7s at the draft. Based on recent history, I am very skeptical that either will happen.

    All in all, we got the same old, same old from the Packers this offseason. Sorry, that’s not good enough.

  3. kaiax33 Says:

    Agree 1000%. We’ve got like $25M in cap room and are just staring at it sitting on the table. Time for TT to retire and bring in someone who wants to see this thing advance, not just play prevent defense before the season even starts.

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