This is totally unacceptable


Yes, there have been some unlucky plays and the Ripkowski fumble did really hurt. But we came out once again totally unprepared. AND IT’S NOT JUST OUR HORRIBLE DEFENSE AND OUR HORRIBLE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!! Yes, they are very very bad for sure. But how can our offense have ZERO points right now in the most important game in the last few years? HOW? Bad coaching.

Also, at some point, if Mike McCarthy is the head coach, can’t he simply tell Capers to take a backseat and start calling defensive plays or at the very least, overrule his horrendous defensive play calls? How can Capers justify not blitzing on every play right now? Matt Ryan has 271 yards passing IN THE FIRST FLIPPIN’ HALF!!! You have to make adjustments during the game in order to stop the bleeding. This is part of the problem with having the head coach be so focused on the offense…

The problem is that this is not new. It’ not a stretch to say that Capers defenses don’t show up 70% of the time in the playoffs. Go back and look at our playoff record. He is a massive liability and has had crazy job security mostly because of Aaron Rodgers so often obscures just how bad the defense is.


2 Responses to “This is totally unacceptable”

  1. kaiax33 Says:

    Until we get the message across that “just getting to the playoffs ” isn’t acceptable, nothing will change. Heck, I just want to see some passion….FROM ANYONE! Only the guy with broken ribs came to play today.

  2. Brett who? Says:

    The coaches aren’t dropping catches, missing field goals, and fumbling the ball. It’s the conference championship game – the players have some responsibility in this train wreck.

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