Packers/Cowboys Preview

  • This will be a tough game for our Packers. I am not excited about facing Ezekial Elliott. I think he’s THAT good. His physical strength isn’t super obvious just looking at him but he’s incredibly strong, fast, has good moves and more than anything, he has better patience and vision than any rookie RB I’ve ever seen. Throw in a really good offensive line led Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick and slowing down Elliott is a tall order.
  • Prescott has also been fantastic a rookie. And Dallas actually has some really difficult guys to defend in the passing game too: Witten, Bryant, Williams and perhaps hardest to defend of all, the diminutive Cole Beasley. While I think our Run D will do a better job on Elliott than most people are thinking right now, my concern today is 3rd downs. Nobody on the Packers is quick enough to stay with Beasley on third and short. But I think the single play that will hurt the Packers most will be Dak Prescott getting yards with his feet. He is a smart player and knows when to run. I can see situations where we do a decent job in coverage but then Prescott gets those tough first downs with his legs – the kind of first downs Rodgers often gets – and the kinds of first downs that just drive opposing defenses crazy.
  • It is so key today, to start hot and put the fear of Rodgers into the Dallas D. The Dallas D-Line has been surprisingly good this year and they could get pressure on Rodgers. But our O-Line has been masterful pass blocking the last 7 games. Should be a great match-up there – in fact this may be the key to the game.
  • If Rodgers gets going and gets a bunch of different receivers involved early on and we put some points on the board, we could put Dallas into a place mentally where they really don’t want to go. I can see the Packers putting up 33 points even without Jordy. But if we come in tepid and sort of unprepared-looking (like last week against the Giants), Dallas will could actually blow us out.
  • Here is what I think will happen: The Packers will finally come into a game prepared, start hot and put Dallas on their heels. Dallas is not a mentally strong team. Sure, this year they’ve been very good mentally, but over the last decade or so – they carry some pretty bad mental baggage that will leave them vulnerable today. They have a coach who is prone to making errors and turning conservative at the wrong moments (not unlike McCarthy). And on top of it all, I see playing in Dallas as a disadvantage for Dallas. They have not been great there until this year but when things go sideways at that monstrosity of a new stadium, teams seem to be able to go in there and get wins. I see that happening today. Packers 33, Cowboys 27.

One Response to “Packers/Cowboys Preview”

  1. Jay Says:

    Pretty much nailed the preview and prediction.

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