Packers/Giants Preview

  • Here we go. Looking forward to this game.
  • Paul Perkins and the Giants running game a big concern for me today. No, they haven’t had a good running game this year – in good part because Rashad Jennings isn’t very good. But Paul Perkins is. They seem to have finally realized this. If he gets going and takes some of the offensive focus off of their WRs, the Giants could make things really difficult for us today. If he gets shuts down, I really like our chances today.
  • I agree with many that say Jared Cook is a big key – but I think there is another big key in the Packers passing game: Randall Cobb. Now, I’m not going to say right now what you think I’m going to say – namely that it’s great he’s back and he’ll be a big boost. I’m actually concerned about him being back. He has not had a very good year this year. And he still struggles getting open. I really like Cobb and think he’s dealing with lingering injury issues. But right now, frankly, I’d rather have Allison getting those snaps right now. He’s been great recently and the Giants just won’t have much film on the guy to know what to do about it.
  • There is one person who needs to redeem himself more than anybody else in the stadium right now: Dom Capers. The guy has led the defense to a below average year. And in the playoffs, he has been rotten for the most part. There are lots of people calling for Capers to get canned after the season this year. He has to come up big with a massive defensive game plan today in order to get fans to believe he should stick around.
  • Packers 31, Giants 16.

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