Packers/Lions Preview

  • Ok – the stage is set. Unlikely loss by the Redskins put the Packers into the playoffs. That’s really nice – but I would rather play Detroit at Lambeau than Seattle in Seattle. So for those calling for resting starters – I’m not a big fan of that idea. I know we crushed Seattle but that was at Lambeau. It’s a totally different story at Seattle.
  • Another reason not to bench the starters is that the Packers have a lot of momentum right now. The team is playing well now and like 2010, it would be really nice to just keep cruising right into the playoffs playing at a high level.
  • I am anticipating this game to be a shootout. I would be surprised if it turned into a defensive battle. Defensively, I have concerns about our secondary matching up with Stafford and his WRs (even with his injured finger).
  • Packers 33, Lions 27.

One Response to “Packers/Lions Preview”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Will be Giants @ Lambau if Packers win. Also yeah, no question to play for the win here.

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