Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

  • Fantastic second half today. Whatever we lacked in the first half (came out really flat), we made up for in the 2nd half. We were fired up and key guys (like Rodgers) seemed far more vocal out on the field than normal. Rodgers was cheering the defense and even special teams at a few different points. That’s huge. I know he likes to be a quiet leader – but from one quieter leader to another – there are times when leading a bit more vocally is critical. Rodgers did it tonight.
  • Rodgers was unreal today. He made amazing throws and had to be incredibly frustrating for Detroit fans with his timely runs. His calf looks pretty much fine now which is huge for us heading into the playoffs.
  • I like that we went back to Ty Montgomery in the second half. While I thought the comparisons to LeVeon Bell were perhaps a bit much – I don’t think Collinsworth is that far off. He does run like Bell sort of. But I think what makes Ty a special runner is that he is so quietly HUGE. He is like one giant muscle. He’s 225 pounds, shifty, has great hands, patience – and as I’ve said before, incredible vision. I don’t like that McCarthy went away from him in the first half. Ripkowski did a great job filling in for sure (and the surprise factor that he got the ball so much worked in his favor…but he is tough to tackle too). But heading into the playoffs we need our best players involved as much as we can. And Montgomery is one of our best players. Period.
  • Nice to see Davante get back into the action again. We need him at full confidence heading into the playoffs.
  • It’s been fun to watch Geronimo Allison progress here in recent weeks. The guy can play. Yes, he’s usually fortunate in that he draws the 3rd or 4th CB – but I think he’s really good at getting open. This has been something our team has struggled with big-time the last few years. So it’s really nice to have a guy who just gets open (and seems to have good hands as well).
  • I think I’d have to consider giving a game ball to Micah Hyde today. He really is an amazing athlete and an amazingly versatile player. In fact, while I know he is often involved in our defense on most passing plays (in the nickel), I really wonder if he should be one of our starting CBs. I know he’s had some iffy games here and there, but I actually think he is a better CB than both Rollins and Randall.
  • Rodgers was unreal again today. It’s so refreshing to see this. He was so off not just earlier this year – but really for about 18 months. But these last 6 games (after saying we’d run the table), he has been a different player. He has been himself. It’s such a relief really. I was concerned about many things when he was playing like crap – but one of them frankly, was the fact that I think he’s one of the best QBs of all-time – and his play was really starting to interfere with that opinion. I feel like he’s reinforced my opinion in the last 6 games – the guy is really amazing and I hope his amazing play carries us through an eventful playoffs.
  • Mike McCarthy made a few questionable decisions tonight and I was concerned about the team seemingly coming out flat in the first half. But he really must have given a Mike Holmgren-like half-time talk as the team came out fired up – and he also finally did make some real halftime adjustments that made a huge difference. His naked bootleg call for Rodgers on that 3rd and short was nothing short of a spectacular play call. It is such an EFFECTIVE play call I can’t believe it is not called more. It was the perfect time for it. There were also a number of other play calls that were spot on tonight. McCarthy did a heck of a job.
  • I hope Nick Perry gets his cast off. He has been surprisingly effective with it on, but I think if he can shed that thing, he could be a huge factor in the playoffs.
  • I hope Rollins is OK. That was scary. It was good to hear he had some movement, but I’m worried for the guy.
  • Bring on the Giants. McCarthy has to show footage of the two times the Giants marched in an de-pants us at home. Just embarrassing losses – especially when I think we were the better team both times. This time, again, we are the better team. But I have a good feeling that the result will be better next week than it has in our most recent playoff tilts with them.

3 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Lions”

  1. Frank G Says:

    Yes, Montgomery has been incredible; shifting him to RB was an inspired move. I wonder what this means for Lacy’s future with the team.

    After a sluggish start that the Lions dominated, the Packers had their way with them in the second half. Once more, the rhythmic short passing game got the team back on the tracks. The naked bootleg was a brilliant call…it’s really fun to watch the Packers when they’re on a roll.

    Capers and his D deserve much praise for effectively shutting down a dangerous offense with a patchwork secondary. They came up big when it counted.

    Bring on the Giants. Revenge!

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Can we agree now that McCarthy should not be fired? At 4-6, the Packers appeared to be on the brink of a lost season, with even 8 wins looking like a stretch.

    Instead, he’s got the offense playing as good as it has in 5 years (including a cobbled together running game) and a defense that is doing at least well enough to be a serviceable counterpart to that offense. The Packers have made it to 10-6, and they’re NFCN champs.

    IMO, McCarthy should be on the short list for coach of the year.

    As for the Packers, I think I like the way this team has been playing a lot. They’re clearly better than the 2015 squad, and on par with (if not actually better than) the 2014 group. To the extent that momentum means anything, they’ve certainly got that going for them. I’m excited as I’ve been in years to see what the Packers can do in the playoffs.

    • awhayes Says:

      I agree Dave that McCarthy deserves tons of credit for helping right the ship. I think he should also be getting more credit specifically for moving Montgomery to RB. That was a super resourceful thing to do – and creative and effective too. And he should get credit for getting us to the playoffs. So I’m pleased with that. But I have to say it’s this time of year that he’s struggled the most in recent years. If we can make a solid run I’ll be pleased but if we sputter out again in ugly fashion I think the Packers leaders need to ask if he’s capable of getting us to the super bowl again. Right now I’m trying to be optimistic as I too really like the momentum. And Ive definitely agreed all along with you and your concerns re capers. It may be that a reset with a new def cord could make a difference.

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