Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

  • This was a predictable game. The Vikings were hyped too much early in the season. It was concerning how effective their offense was today – especially their passing game. But their defense was not so good.
  • I watched them get crushed by Indy last week and figured they had zero chance of winning at Lambeau today. They are just not a very good team.
  • Rodgers is playing at the level we are all used to and it is really nice to see. Still think it’s odd that he was playing so average earlier this year but now he is throwing better than anyone in the NFL again. How’s this for a conspiracy theory? Pack decided to tank it mid-season so they could rest up and go on a run at the end of the year…
  • Jordy Nelson is playing with a ton of energy lately and it’s great to see. He seems extra confident right now. I do think Rodgers having him back as his go-to guy is huge. Fun to watch him tear up a quality Vikings’ secondary.
  • Our defense continues to be a concern. While I was never really concerned about losing this game, our defense got bailed out by a great play really by Clay Matthews. The Vikes offense is not a good one and we got picked apart. If we get to the playoffs our defense has to play at a much higher level. If Bradford can throw for 320 yards against our D, Matthew Stafford could throw for 500. We have some serious work to do on defense – they need to have a resurgence on D like we’ve had on offense.
  • Nice to see Allison get involved today. He could be a quiet, helpful factor down the stretch here. It’s nice that Cobb could take the week off to get healthy and have us not lose anything. Allison plays longer and gives us a different look than anyone else we have. I like him.
  • I’m comforted that Jacob Schum has really settled down. He’s punting a lot better and it helps us.
  • Not sure what happened with Montgomery. All of the runs called for him were incredibly predictable which didn’t help. But it almost seemed like he got benched. It was odd.
  • This was a good win. There is a ton of momentum right now which is nice to see after those awful mid-season games. The team is playing with confidence and if the defense can only get things sorted out and turn it on, we could sneak into the playoffs and maybe surprise a bit. But if the D can’t figure it out, I don’t see this team – even with massive games from the offense – doing much in the playoffs.
  • On to Detroit – huge game next week. Exciting.

3 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Just a few comments this week:

    * That final osk was ugly, we need to do better than that
    * Final score not really as close as it looks, IMO, perfectly fine allowing clock killing drive to end in a TD when up 25 points
    * Packers are now 9-1 when not giving up 30+ points

    Clinching a winning record with a real chance at winning the division is almost miraculous after the way the Packers looked during that 4 game losing streak. Especially with a win next week, I think any discussion of firing McCarthy should be put to rest.

    I am fine with firing Dom Capers and pretty much cleaning house on the defensive side of the ball, though. The Packers defenses since 2010 have mostly been unremarkable at best, and most of the playoff losses since then have come because of defensive failure.

  2. Frank G Says:

    Hey, it’s great to see AR back to his old self. Can he carry a poor defense to a SB win? I don’t think so, but it’ll be fun to watch him try.

    Merry Christmas!

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