Packers/Bears Preview

  • This is a huge game. Obviously. The Bears are presently underrated. I don’t think their record reflects very accurately how they’re playing. They should have beaten Detroit. Their D looks much better than it had earlier this year.
  • This one is tough to call. The Bears D has been pretty good. And Jordan Howard is really difficult to tackle. He is a smooth runner who runs with strength. I am hoping that the strength of our D (run D) can handle the strength of their offense (running).
  • I think the Bears pass D could really struggle with Rodgers passing game if he continues to tear things up like he has. But if Montgomery gets a few more carries I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a huge game. He is a super smooth runner who is patient and he hits the holes with deceptive acceleration. I expect he and Michael to contribute more in the running game than people are thinking right now.
  • More than anything I’m super excited that Rodgers has been looking a lot more like the Rodgers we’ve all come to know. Somewhat surprising that he’s been able to sustain this level of play being rendered mostly immobile by his injuries.
  • Packers 31, Bears 17.

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