Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

  • Wow. The Packers are super lucky to have won this game. McCarthy and the offense positively mailed it in in the 4th quarter. Once again, he just didn’t put the weaker team away like he needed to. This is a massive concern – we lose this game and that could have been McCarthy’s ticket out of town. As Brother Steve likes to say – classic Prevent Offense situation again for McCarthy. When will he learn?
  • Unreal play by Rodgers/Jordy. Just amazing to watch. Again, absolutely should never have been in that position – for sure – but that was one of the all time great plays you’ll ever see. I do think those deeper plays have been open all game though – we just dropped a number of them before. Just an all-time play by our all-time QB/WR tandem.
  • Capers and the D also went into a prevent D in the 4th quarter. Just letting the incredibly average Matt Barkley tear us apart. Should not have happened. I loved the way the D came out in the 2nd half, with Peppers and the picks. But just like McCarthy, Capers then dialed it back and let the Bears run rampant over our D. Like McCarthy shifting to the Prevent Offense, Capers shifted to a Prevent Defense. We were SUPER lucky not to lose this game.
  • Speaking of all-time plays – one of the all-time most inexcusable coaching gaffes happened after the timeout on 3rd down with the Bears threatening to score at the end. We had 10 guys on the field. And this was after a timeout to get ready. You just can’t make coaching errors like that at such critical moments. We’re lucky that Hyde swatted that ball away. Ugh.
  • This game was really indicative of the McCarthy’s odd use of Ty Montgomery (and even Michael). We’ve known since the first Bears game that Montgomery is an uber-talented RB and yet he’s only been THE featured back in the last game or two. He needs 25 touches a game – he’s that good. And yes, today he had more carries (16) than he’s had in the past. But McCarthy mysteriously went away from him on multiple occasions – including the 4th quarter. The Bears D simply could not handle Montgomery. He needed to get the ball down the stretch a ton and didn’t. He has a knack for getting yards when it looks like he’s dead – unlike any Packer I’ve seen in a long time.
  • As frustrating as it was to watch the defense slide into an incredibly ineffective prevent defense, this game really wasn’t on them. Like the offense, they played poorly in the 2nd and 4th quarters, but they forced 4 turnovers, had sacks and a made a huge defensive stand at the end of the game.
  • Nice to see Peppers make some noise today.
  • Clay Matthews, on the other hand, should not be playing. He is hurting the team. I don’t know if it’s entirely the shoulder injury or not, but Matthews is totally ineffective out there. He didn’t make a tackle today. Not one. Elliott should be playing for Matthews right now.
  • Montgomery is a beast. He is such an incredibly smooth runner it’s fun to watch. He has power, some shiftiness and patience. But his greatest quality may be his vision. His vision borders on being special. No question he should be our lead RB going forward (and get 25 touches a game at least).
  • I think Jordy Nelson, has, throughout the season gotten significantly healthier. He is getting open more easily and while he actually dropped a few passes he would never normally drop today – he looks like he’s back to his old self.
  • Jared Cook is starting to make some noise. He didn’t do much in the second half but he and Montgomery were our offense in the first half. He is really good. I hope he can stay healthy.
  • Rodgers showed some courage today running and trying to make some key plays. Though he also may have been part of the poor decisions leading to our Prevent Offense in the 4th quarter, he really pulled this game off in stunning fashion today.
  • What’s frustrating to me after this game is that if we put the game away like we should have, I would feel really good about the team going forward and would have offered up plenty of praise for McCarthy and the guys. But the way we let them back in the game doesn’t sit well with me. He’s done this before to this team. Nothing is more accurate than when people say he coaches not to lose. It’s incredibly frustrating. Still, I’ll try to move forward and be excited about the fact that we did win the game and that we now sit in an interesting spot here in the playoff race. I’m hoping next weekend, we can put in a full, 4 quarter effort against what should be a seriously demoralized Vikings team. They got crushed today.

4 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Bears”

  1. Frank G Says:

    I’m gonna leave the blame for this near-collapse at the doorstep of Dom Capers. They folded–surrendering over 200 yards in the 4th quarter–when it was time to be stout and clamp down on a subpar offense.

    Yes, there have been major injuries on defense, but far too often, massive breakdowns have occurred. Credit must be given for forcing turnovers yesterday, but most were the result of errant throws by a young QB, not superior play by the D.

    This team is shaping up like all other versions since 2010–a powerful offense and a defense that will self-destruct with the game on the line.

  2. Dave K Says:

    Hey – it’s been since last season since I have commented. Great write up and you encapsulated most of my frustration with the coaches and this team. My biggest frustration is why Matthews is taking snaps away from anyone at this point but especially after the game Elliott had last week. Matthews is just ineffective right now with his shoulder. He gets pushed around on every running play and offers no pass rush. Stupid stubbornness by Capers.

    I’m not going to complain too loudly about this team this year though. I’ll enjoy the ride until it’s over as I feel like I’ve been playing with house money since week 8.

  3. Trav4203 Says:

    I’m still struggling to understand how the Bears allowed Jordy to run untouched down the seam for 62 yards. The safety slides towards the sideline as Jordy is starting to put his foot on the gas and just splits them. Probably why they have that record they do. 3rd and 11 with under a minute, with no TOs. Insanity.

    Agreed on 10 men on the field after a TO. I do give a small bit of props to Guion for coming down the sideline (not on the field) and making sure he wasn’t offside before entering the field of play. Good job by Hyde not getting picked off by him as they passed by each other.

    5 weeks ago, I would have never believed we would control our own destiny going into the final 2 weeks, but here we are. Amazing…

  4. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I’m going to call you out again for laying blame for the Packers problems on the offense. At this point, only six teams have scored more points than the Packers

    Yeah, it would’ve been nice if the offense had been able to get some first downs late in the game to burn the clock and give the defense a break. But during Sunday’s 4th quarter, the defense forced zero fumbles, zero interceptions, zero punts, zero turnovers on downs. How exactly is any of that the offense’s fault?

    The Packers offense is actually doing very well, and better than the season stats show when you take into account they were legitimately struggling early in the season. If there is any problem to be laid at the feet of the offense, is that they are not good enough to always cover for the failings of the defense.

    * The Packers are now 8-1 when the defense doesn’t give up 30+ points.

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