Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks

  • So satisfying. Wow. What a fantastic game. McCarthy and Capers engineering an incredibly impressive turnaround here.
  • Our offensive line has to be one of the top pass protecting groups in the league. And today, they did a nice job run blocking too. This was as dominant a performance by the O-Line that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Datone Jones was a monster today. And the D-Line, primarily no-name defenders was a on fire. It was so nice to see.
  • Was so nice to finally see the Packers get some lucky plays vs Seattle. I still believe that no team has the combo of luck/referee help that Seattle does. It gets ridiculous at times. Just like the Celtics of the 1980s – always seem to get all the breaks. Was super fun today to see things go the other way.
  • Rodgers is starting to make those impossibly accurate throws again. He really struggled earlier this year but this game was clear evidence that he’s back (or at least his arm is back). His TD to Jordy was a beauty. He had to put that in the smallest window and he did. Just awesome.
  • Capers and the D did their homework this week. Not only did we have some nice turnovers (a couple of which were lucky) but we were clearly doing things that Wilson was not prepared for. He was so rattled today all day long. We got pressure all over the place. And we did it without Perry, Matthews (who did absolutely nothing) or Peppers. It was Elliott (of course – why he doesn’t start is beyond me), Lowery again, and Datone. Just awesome.
  • Randall had a nice game. He had one lucky pick but one really good one. Seeing turnovers like this finally, was so refreshing. The Burnett pick really set the tone for the game.
  • I am concerned about Rodgers. Leg really seemed to be hurting. He’s finally throwing like he used to so I am hoping he’ll still be able to play in the coming games.
  • Gunter had an OK game today. I have felt badly for him over the course of the year as he has been used. But the last couple games he seems to be turning a corner…pun intended.
  • Really pumped that McCarthy called that awesome play to Janis at the end. That told me that he wasn’t done coaching yet. It told me that he wanted to seal the game and make sure they had no chance. Just a smart play call at the perfect time. Seattle had zero expectation of that play coming. That was a McCarthy 2010 type play call. Well done.
  • Super satisfying win. And we should enjoy it.
  • But we also have 3 really tough games left. The Bears defense is highly underrated right now. Matt Barkeley hasn’t been hideous – he’s actually had some moments since starting. This is a game we should win for sure, but the Bears are not bad and probably should have beaten Detroit today. At the least we’ve given ourselves a chance going forward – we’re still in it.

One Response to “Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think about this game. Offense on fire, and the defense looking as dominant as the best games of the 2010 season.

    When they play at that level, the Packers can beat any team in the league, regular season, playoffs, Super Bowl. I guess that’s my question: is this the real Packers, or just a one-off performance? Are we going to see that going forward, or is the defense going to regress to where they couldn’t stop anybody from scoring 30 or 40 points?

    I want to believe in the team, but it hasn’t been that long since that ugly 1-5 streak. The good news is, the Packers have three very winnable games ahead of them, and with a help from the Giants or Cowboys, will have a path to winning the NFCN.

    * The Packers are now 7-1 when they don’t allow 30+ points.

    * Still wanting to fire McCarthy? IMO, if he gets the Packers to 10 wins and a playoff berth, he ought to be in consideration for coach of the year.

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