Packers/Texans Preview

  • The Texans are a decent team. We can’t be overly confident heading into this game or this is a game we could lose. But if we go in just plain confident (not overly confident) after the fantastic game played last week in Philly, I don’t see this being a close game.
  • If Clowney and Watt were playing I wouldn’t be so confident, but without those two, with Osweiller struggling so much and our generally good run defense (Miller is the only guy I’m worried about today), I just don’t see this being a great game.
  • If Rodgers can at least move a little bit, our offense should continue to click.
  • I see Christine Michael contributing today. Or at least he should be involved. I just love seeing a different style runner back there. We desperately need that.
  • I think the quiet story today will be the Packers defense. They finally got pressure last week on the QB and I think we’re going to make it very difficult for Osweiller today.
  • Packers 30, Texans 13.

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