Game Thoughts Packers/Texans

  • This was an OK victory. Let’s be honest. Houston is not a very good team. But it was an important win for us.
  • Defense was solid today except for a few mental errors. That TD to Hopkins should have never happened. But otherwise, I’m sure that the defensive game plan was to shut down Lamar Miller – and they did that big time. (Though they definitely didn’t shut down Grimes – what was with that?) Our 3rd down defense was a bit iffy but overall, I’d have to rate this as a solid effort.
  • McCarthy/Rodgers made some highly questionable play calls throughout the game. In fact, the first 3 quarters looked a lot like earlier in the year when MM and Rodgers just didn’t have a good sense of game flow.
  • Montgomery has to see the ball more. I don’t know what a guy has to do to prove he’s capable on this team? He was so good today. He is such a patient runner but then hits the holes so smoothly that he always seems to gain more yards that it seems. He runs like Greg Jennings used to receive when he was a 1st/2nd year player. So smooth.
  • I have to give McCarthy credit for putting McCarthy back in the backfield in the first place. That was a very smart move. But now it’s time to take action based on what we’ve seen: he’s the best running back on this team (I’d say better than Lacy too.) He should be our lead running back. Him being back there also has a funny effect on defenses – because they know that he’s got great hands. I’m watching Pittsburgh right now and the effect Montgomery has is similar to the effect LeVeon Bell has.
  • Christine Michael has exciting burst through the hole. I really like watching him run.
  • Right now, I think the Packers should just make the firm decision to realign their RB depth chart. Montgomery should be the starting back, Michael the back up and Ripkowski should get the ball more. Starks should be on the bench.
  • Rodgers looked good today but I worry about his lack of mobility against better teams. Next week against Seattle will be a great test.
  • Jordy looked really good today. I like that he stood out today. The more we can rotate the guys who are standing out (like New England does), the harder we’ll be to defend. He looked sharp today.
  • I loved seeing both Jordy and Rodgers fired up for the special teams and defense over on the sidelines today. Whether they consider themselves leaders or not, others on the team do – so the more obviously supportive they are the better for the team.
  • McCarthy really just flipped a switch in the 4th quarters and started making a bunch of great play calls. The misdirection pitch to Janis was a fantastic play call at the perfect moment. I found that a super encouraging play because it made me think McCarthy was really starting to get into the flow of the game.
  • Jacob Schum has really come on for this team. He had the worst start imaginable, but he really has turned it around.
  • I would like to see more screens run for both Montgomery and Ripkowski. Both of these guys could do real damage on screens.
  • Big test next week hosting Seattle. Will be a really good indication of how good we really are.

One Response to “Game Thoughts Packers/Texans”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Well, a win is a good thing, right? But still the same old issues:

    * In spite of holding the Texans to 13 points, Brock Osweiller had a career day, with his highest passer rating of the season (97.6) and a late 44 yard TD pass that very nearly let the Texans climb back into a game that should’ve been over long before.

    * This is what happens when it takes the offense three quarters to get going. They had one drive longer than 21 yards in the first three quarters. That’s just not gonna be good enough going forward.

    It will be interesting to see how the Packers do against the Seahawks, a likely playoff team, and easily one of the best opponents the Packers will face this season. If the offense comes out gunning like it did against the Eagles, they’ll have a chance. But I don’t think the Packers defense can keep the Seahawks from scoring the first three quarters on Sunday…

    Oh, yeah, don’t wanna forget:
    * The Packers are now 6-1 when they don’t give up 30+ points

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