Packer/Eagles Preview

  • This is it for this season. We either win this game and keep alive our shaky playoff hopes or we puke this game and we’re out of contention. A lot riding on this game.
  • How we come out for this game will tell us a lot about whether McCarthy still has this team. If we’re fired up and especially if we don’t just fold after a few things don’t go our way – maybe he still sort of has this team. But if we get crushed, he doesn’t have the team. Period.
  • This is a game for Jayrone Elliott. If Capers continues to mysteriously sit the guy you really have to wonder. Ryan, Martinez and Fackerell are all out. Give the guy a chance.
  • Starks coming back hasn’t helped this offense much. While statistically the last few games may look OK for the offense, those stats are just not representative because we’ve been crushed in these games. I think we need to revisit the whole offense we used when we had no RBs – and Montgomery was dominating.
  • I do hope we get back to the short passes – that’s one thing that has been missing since that awesome Montgomery game.
  • I think Jim Schwartz of all D Coordinators will know exactly what’s coming tonight. I don’t think our offense will do much tonight unless Rodgers runs for a bunch of yards.
  • This is probably Capers last chance. If he can pull something out of his depleted defense we could be in trouble.
  • Eagles 34, Packers 24.

One Response to “Packer/Eagles Preview”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    > This is probably Capers last chance.

    I would be okay with firing Capers (and really, the whole defensive coaching staff). With the exception of 2010, Capers defenses have been somewhere between okay to flat awful.

    And pretty much every one of our playoff losses with him as DC have had a defensive breakdown.

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