Game Thoughts Packers/Redskins

  • This is not a good team. This is suddenly one of the worst defenses we’ve had in a long time. Just getting pummeled by teams that probably shouldn’t be scoring 40+ points against anyone. (Wash’s offense is decent but not 40 points good.)
  • The offense had a few more nice plays today than what has become typical – it was nice to see. But even considering this, we only scored 24 points.
  • The injuries do matter some but the fact that nobody is stepping up when they get their opportunity, is really frustrating and concerning. What happened to our depth? Wasn’t that what TT prided himself on? All the talk about the 2010 Super Bowl season and all the injuries we overcame – that’s what good teams do. When bad teams are hit by injuries, they crumble. This team is crumbling.
  • There is a disturbing disconnect between our offense and our defense right now. This is something that can happen when the head coach is so singularly focused on the offense. He leaves the defense up to Capers, who is clearly struggling to manage lately. That’s a massive understatement – Capers is doing a really bad job. As a head coach, it is McCarthy’s job to hold the team together and to hold his coaches like Capers accountable for creating better game plans and coaching more effectively during the game. But as always, he just seems so focused on coaching the offense that he is not doing enough to coach the entire team…which again is his job as head coach.
  • What’s concerning to me is that it feels like McCarthy is losing this team. These really ugly losses recently are clue #1. And clue #2, for me, was his defensive “I’m a great NFL coach” type comment the other day. That struck me as the kind of thing that someone says when deep down, he’s really wondering if the guys are all in behind him. The players are not playing with the swagger that they played with for those couple years around the Super Bowl. That’s just gone and it’s been gone now for several years. I think it’s gone because they’ve lost faith in McCarthy’s system and approach.
  • I read a rumor earlier today that indicated that right now at Packers HQ, a number of coaches and possibly even TT are on the hot seat right now – but somehow, McCarthy is not. It just doesn’t make sense to me. He’s not getting the job done.
  • Was a little irritated when Collinsworth and Tirico were talking about “spoiled” Packer fans because we’ve gone to the playoffs 7 years in a row. Yes, that is a decent accomplishment. But there is so much context surrounding that fact that is left out of simple statements like that. Like the fact that we’ve lucked our way into the playoffs a couple times (on the backs of other teams’ misfortunes). Like the fact that since the Super Bowl year – which was a great year no question – the team has repeatedly collapsed in big games. The playoffs ever since the Super Bowl have been horrible – especially the defense. But the other major piece of context is that we all know there is a closing window of time for Aaron Rodgers. Belichick with Rodgers would have won 5 Super Bowls. The ceiling for McCarthy is not going to get raised – he cannot get us anywhere beyond a first round playoff win. Just like I’ve been saying – Elway canned John Fox because Fox had couldn’t get them to the big game – Shottenheimer in San Diego for the same reason…and others.




3 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Redskins”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Maybe the offense could be better, but this losing streak is 99% on the defense:

    Defense has also forced just 2 turnovers on that 4 game losing streak.

  2. Frank G Says:

    I don’t know if any team can thrive without their top 2 CBs. Still, the D has been horrendous, unable to get a turnover and surrendering big plays routinely.

    As to your point about Belichick, he has won only 1 SB with Brady since ’08. The 2 other times he made it through the weaker AFC, he lost to the Giants who bumped off GB.

    Injuries have decimated this team (including Jordy, who is a shadow of his old self), but I guess I put more blame on TT than MM. His refusal to procure FA talent to shore up positions of weakness has put tremendous pressure on him to come up with gold in the draft. Over the last few years, he’s returned with far more silt than gold. Decisions to stick with 7 below average WRs was bizarre, as was the choice to have only 2 RBs on the roster.

  3. Dave In Tucson Says:

    > Shottenheimer in San Diego for the same reason

    The Chargers since they fired Marty:

    * Two seasons with more than 9 wins (both early on)
    * Four playoff games won, half of those the year after Marty was fired
    * 5 of the last 6 seasons (and on course to make it 6 of the last 7) out of the playoffs

    Honestly, if you want to convince people that McCarthy should be fired, the Chargers is not the franchise to hold up as your gold standard example.

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