Packers/Titans Preview

  • This is a huge game. I’ll go so far as to say this may be one of the most important games this team has played in years. A loss here and this team is in a scary spot with two more difficult road games coming up.
  • This week some of you may have seen the excellent article written by Michael Cohen this past week about team leadership. There were a number of good points throughout the article, but to me one stuck out: one of the most significant leaders in the Packers locker room over the last few years was Josh Sitton. When the Packers shed Sitton days before the season started, many questioned the move mostly based on what I felt was a no longer deserved reputation.  People thought he was still the All-Pro talent he had been. He wasn’t – his star had faded in recent years. However, he was a leader and while I didn’t realize this at the time, I expressed concern about what his departure might do to team chemistry. I think we’re seeing what it has done. We need leaders on this team and they need to be vocal. I realize that Mike Daniels style may not be acceptable to all players, BUT AT LEAST HE’S BEING VOCAL AND EXPRESSING HIS ANGER!
  • Over the years with McCarthy this team has struggled off and on with being ready, coming prepared, and having the requisite energy and passion to win big (and not so big) games. This is the NFL. Adrenaline and passion are half the battle. So when you come out flat and easily discouraged after a play doesn’t go your play, it’s not a recipe for success. We need leaders to step forward on this team now. We need them to stop the bleeding.
  • I don’t feel good about this game. I think the Packers are likely to come out with some more energy and passion as they know what’s on the line but I’m honestly concerned that it’s just too late. Tennessee is not a great team but they have Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator and he of all people will know exactly what’s coming if McCarthy doesn’t inject some wrinkles into this offense.
  • This is the wrong time to play a team like Tennessee on the road. But one thing that I think might actually help the Packers this week – is not having the pressure of playing at home. Lambeau of course can be a great advantage but this season I feel like the team has felt sunk often by the weight of the frequent, totally warranted, booing from the crowd. Playing on the road might be a big help.
  • I see a close game today. I think 1 of 2 things happen. Tennessee shuts down the offense in a highly embarrassing way en route to a comfortable win (27-10), or the Packers wake up and take care of business. Because I’m a Packer fan, I’ll take the latter scenario and call for a 24-23 victory. By the way, if McCarthy and crew lose this one, my calls for his dismissal will only grow louder.

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