Packers/Indy Preview

  • Ok – Todman just returned that for a TD. Unfortunate. Our special teams has been decent all year so I see that as more of an aberration than anything. Still not a good start.
  • I still see the Packers winning this game by a lot. This happens sometimes.
  • I see the Packers offense being solid today and I see our defense doing pretty well too.
  • After things settle here a bit, I see a strong victory for the Packers (even though Indy sure seems fired up for this one today).
  • Packers 37, Indy 17.

One Response to “Packers/Indy Preview”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Just tell Crosby to kick touchbacks. Or oob. Can’t be worse than what’s been going on so far…

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