Game Thoughts Packers/Colts

  • This is as bad of a loss as we’ve had for a long time – and we’ve had some bad ones. The Colts are a very bad team. We weren’t even really close in this game – which is just absurd.
  • Today was one of the best examples in a while of McCarthy not having a sense for the rhythm of the game. He hasn’t had a good sense for game-flow for years. (That deep pass to Jordy on 3rd and 6 into double coverage was ridiculous. And completely going away from Montgomery early in the game when the guy was averaging 15+ yards on his first 3 touches. Huh?) We’ve talked about this for a long time but it has never improved.
  • I’ve seen enough over the last few years to make a definitive statement now – it’s time for Mike McCarthy to go. He was good during the Super Bowl year – there is no question he was good then. Because he adapted/adjusted well to injuries. He’s hardly made an adjustment since…especially in-game.  He’s had a once-in-a-lifetime QB for most of his time here and he’s done very little with that circumstance. Before the Aaron Rodgers window closes, it’s time for Ted Thompson to take an aggressive action and bring in a new coach. Importantly, this is not a reactionary comment based on my supreme frustration with this loss. It is based on absolutely horrible performances by his team over the course of the last 18 months – as well as really bad performances in big games really ever since the Super Bowl victory. Mike McCarthy has to go. Oh, but you can’t bring someone in in the middle of the season…When your team is this out of sync and so clearly either not responding to coaching or not being coached well (I suspect the latter), then I’d rather just make the change sooner than later and get moving forward. Packer fans are such nice people by nature that there can be a strong feeling for many to “give him a chance” etc. But he’s blown his chances a number of times in recent years and I think we’re better off just moving on right now.
  • Rodgers and the offense looked really out of sync today. Rodgers feet were getting happy again – which is a sure sign that he’s uncomfortable. He also looked checked out which is so odd considering he was so fired up in Atlanta and so – his old self. I always pay extra attention to the sideline shots of Rodgers and today he was a completely different person than last week. It was really weird. And indeed, he was 26/43 today with a bad pick and other poor decisions – and generally looked off.
  • Over and over today, MM dropped Rodgers back deep into the pocket instead of going with the quick slants and outs. It is so frustrating. The quick-passing game worked well in Atlanta and worked a couple games ago too when we got the offense going. Why would McCarthy just totally go away from what has been working reasonably well lately? If our guys actually got lots of separation, maybe, just maybe, we could go with that deeper drop offense (that hasn’t worked now for years). But our WRs get poor separation, and that predictable/deliberate offense clearly just doesn’t work now – everyone can see it. Rodgers drops too far back, the WRs go too far out and that leaves only a possible scramble for yards as an option because our WRs can’t get open.
  • Jordy Nelson had a nice TD catch and a few others – but he mostly just soaked up targets from Rodgers – many of which fell incomplete. They are not nearly the duo they once were.
  • What happened to the 5 WR sets that worked in Atlanta?
  • Special teams was really bad today. Wow. Todman is a journeyman type who landed in a returners role I’m guessing just to put him somewhere – not because he was a Devin Hester type guy.
  • It is so frustrating for us to play a lowly team like Indy and for me to see their WRs get so incredibly wide open. The number of wide open, relatively simple passes today for Luck was embarrassing. But OUR offense just can’t do that – our guys just don’t get open like that. I’ve been saying this for a long time now, but this offense very, very badly needs a quick/shifty guy who can just get open. A Danny Woodhead, a Darren Sproles – anyone with notable quickness who can make those 3rd and short plays much easier because you KNOW so few defenders can handle those quick moves. Some people mistakenly think Cobb is that guy – he’s not. He has some nice moves but for a smaller guy, he’s actually not that quick and he’s not that fast either. Neither is Davante, Jordy, Janis…maybe Davis is but he never seems to play on offense.
  • The only positive I can take from this game was the punting of Jacob Schum. He punted very nicely today.
  • I think it’s time to put serious pressure on TT and the front office to get rid of Mike McCarthy. NFL defenses, even the Colts 29th ranked porous defense, have figured out what McCarthy is going to do and nobody is intimidated anymore. Again, this isn’t a short-sighted overreaction, this opinion is years in the making. I’ve even said it before, but now I am convinced of it. I made very similar comments back when Mike Sherman just couldn’t get the job done. When I’d criticize him and say he should go, many people said I was way off base and point to his win-loss record. Look how quickly he faded. This happens a fair amount in the NFL. John Elway got ripped big-time for firing John Fox – but he did it because he sincerely believed Fox couldn’t get him to the big game. And he was absolutely right. Happened to Marty Shottenheimer after a 14-2 season (I believe). It should have happened 5 years ago to Marvin Lewis in Cincy. Some guys have a performance ceiling. McCarthy is the rare coach who has lowered his – he can’t get this team to the Super Bowl again and the sooner TT figures this out, the better off we’ll be. While I think McCarthy would get picked up by another team, I don’t see much in the way of success going forward – not unless he latches onto a team with another Hall of Fame QB. To me the best analogy is a company – if you aren’t nimble and you can’t adjust to changes in your industry and the macro-business environment, you’ll lose. New England reinvents itself every single year and makes adjustments all over the place. (Some of which involve picking up key free agents…TT owns some of this too.) We need a creative, courageous coach who is more willing and able to do this.

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  1. Go Pack Go Says:


  2. Frank G Says:

    Lots of blame to go around for this one, with Ron Zook’s unit shouldering the bulk of it, in my opinion.

    The defense, once again this year, cannot make a stop with the game on the line. Somebody’s got to step up and make a play at a crucial time. A patched up, lousy Colts line had its way with our front for most of the game–embarrassing!

    TT is doing a disservice to the team by not using all methods available to improve the Packers. NE plucked Browner and Revis from the free agent market and won their only SB in a decade. Paying to keep your own players has given us now a wildly overpriced receiving corps. Why not step up to the table and roll the dice a little more?

    Something is seriously wrong with the Packers these last 2 years. I can’t help but wonder if the collapse against the Seahawks in the NFC title game didn’t cause the players to lose confidence in MM and the coaching staff. Firing McCarthy now will do nothing (do you think Clements or Bennet will solve what ails the mediocre offense?); McCarthy deserves the second half of the season to try to get things straightened out. Let’s see how things unfold before we prepare the scaffold.

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