Game Thoughts Packers/Falcons

  • Heartbreaking loss. Atlanta is a good team for sure. Their offense has so many weapons – evidenced by the fact that Julio Jones did virtually nothing today. They are a good team – one of the better teams we’ve played this year. Super smart of Atlanta to adapt early in the game to the fact that Julio was often doubled up – and start going to Sanu (and others).
  • That said, pretty sad that our defense didn’t have an answer at all. It seemed like nothing we did made a difference. Ryan had lots of wide open WRs today. And it’s not just injuries for us either. Our defense was out-coached by Atlanta’s offense in this one pretty significantly.
  • It’s not surprising to me that the offense is waking up after Lacy and Starks went out.  In fact, I noted a few weeks ago that this might happen. Something about those injuries has shaken things up offensively and forced McCarthy to get away from the predictable offense he’d been running with them in there. For the last 3 years running we’ve had Lacy, Starks, Adams, Nelson and Cobb be THE go-to guys for our offense and opposing defenses had figured them out. What we saw today offensively is an offense operating with a bunch of guys the Falcons couldn’t scout much – with a whole bunch of varied plays to boot. We snapped out of a funk because of these injuries. McCarthy was really at fault for the last 18 months of offensive ineptitude because he didn’t do anything to change the predictability. Well, he has made some changes the last two weeks and he deserves credit for it for sure.
  • That said, you’d hope that McCarthy as head coach could offer up some ideas to Capers on how to stop the bleeding on defense. Hard to watch.
  • I would have let Atlanta score with about 1 minute 30 seconds left. I’d much rather give Rodgers that kind of time to march down for a FG than let Ryan just continue to dissect our porous defense.
  • It was really nice to see Allison come right in and contribute. And Davis was also very good today. These guys could be good players- both of them. Janis also had a decent game.
  • But one thing I continue to be frustrated by is the way our WRs run routes. Allison had a bit more crispness in terms of the routes but Janis, Jordy and Adams were all rounding their routes – making it so much easier for defenders to guess where they’re going. Not sure why this isn’t addressed.
  • I liked what I saw from Don Jackson’s few carries. He runs with a fire and a decisiveness that could make him very good.
  • When was the last time you saw Aaron Rodgers so fired up? He was ready to play and he played a great game today.While I’m ticked that we lost and I’m concerned about how our defense never made an adjustment to stop Atlanta, I actually come out of this game somewhat encouraged by how our offense looked. Rodgers was excited and the offense clicked in a way that reminded me of how we used to play when our offense was really good.
  • I’m hoping we can demolish Indy next week (they are really bad) and just put this behind us right away.

One Response to “Game Thoughts Packers/Falcons”

  1. Frank G Says:

    All-in-all, the Packers played a good game against a good Falcons team despite being so banged up. I’ll gladly trade the loss if we get this type of play from AR the rest of the season.

    I didn’t expect much from the injury-wracked secondary against the excellent Ryan. Capers played coverage, forcing the Falcons to execute well to move the ball, and hope for a turnover that never came. It’s a defensible strategy, I suppose.

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