Packers/Giants Preview


I’m at Lambeau tonight. Excited for this game. Here are some thoughts:

– I’m concerned that facing McAdoo could be extra tough. He knows our offense inside and out. (If our offense had changed a bunch in the last few years I wouldn’t be worried. But it doesn’t appear as though it has. This is a disadvantage.

– the optimist in me wants to say this will be the game that starts a streak of good play. Dispatching the decent Giants and red- hot Cowboys in consecutive weeks would be impressive. I’ll stick to this optimistic perspective for a minute here.

– we haven’t been playing great so far this year but we are 2-1 so clearly we’re doing enough to win.  With our injured guys back I think we may end up being too much for th Giants especially if Rodgers gets a bunch of guys involved.

– worried about Eli and the passing game. Think Beckham could go nuts tonight.  But also watch out for Shepard – the guy can play.  (And of course Cruz).

– could be Jayrone Elliott’s night tonight. Though he’ll get limited reps I’m sure he is a big time player and this is a big time game.

– I also think nick perry could be big tonight. He’s getting better weekly.

– Lacy will be a difference maker tonight as well.

– Packers 31, Giants 26



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