Awesome run by ripkowski


2 Responses to “Awesome run by ripkowski”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Cobb looked concussed 😦

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Some game thoughts:

    * Rodgers still doesn’t look right. Really off on some of those short passes

    * J.Nelson is still not back to 100%. At least R.Cobb is a lot more productive. Hopefully he’s okay after that last catch, that looked ugly.

    * Lacy was a beast when he was in, but and another concerning injury. Starks had some good runs too, but our offense needs a power runner like Lacy.

    * Ripowski looked really good when he had the ball. If he does okay as an outlet receiver, he’ll make a fine replacement for Kuhn.

    * In spite of some bad moments, the defense played well, keeping the Giants out of the end zone until late. It was good to see the pass rush getting to Eli as the game wore on. Our defense just looks so much better when we get pressure on the QB

    * Does anybody think Schum is an upgrade over Masthay?

    * And speaking of special teams, they should just tell Crosby to go for the touchback every kickoff. Or if he can’t, kick it out of bounds. It’ll be the same result, but less wear and tear on the coverage team.

    * For a game that I half expected Eli+Cruz+Beckham to shred our secondary, a good result. But the offense needs to play better if we’re gonna make any kind of a playoff run this year.

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