Great article by Rob Demovsky


Take a look at this article from Rob Demovsky. Raises some really good points looking at some statistics. Demovsky noting that the Packers have used the 3 WR set 77% of the time, validates to some extent what I’ve been saying already this season and much of last season: the Packers often appear to trot out the same lineup ALL THE TIME. Last year it got to the point where the WRs often not only lined up in similar formations, but they ran similar routes. Defenses seemed to know exactly what they were going to do.

As I’ve said before, I think there are some very clear solutions to this sameness problem: 2 TE sets (with anywhere from 1-3 WRs), 4 WR sets (with Abbrederis ideally but also maybe Montgomery), splitting a FB and/or RB out wide. I get that with a hurry up offense – which is usually a good idea – it may be more difficult to sub in different packages. But…ironically, not with planning. The funny thing is that McCarthy seems to script out practically the whole game – not accounting well enough (sometimes hardly at all) for what is actually happening in the game (hence our constant “poor game flow understanding criticisms”). So prepare the guys to be ready to jump in quickly so that they don’t slow down the flow of the hurry up offense much. Have some plays ready to go to do this.

I think Demovsky’s article, more than anything, highlights just how much McCarthy and the “system” he’s operating are behind the decline in what once was one of the best offenses in the league. One of the things we rarely see anymore is a stat line for Rodgers where he is distributing the ball to a bunch of different guys (and not just 1 catch each, but multiple catches by multiple different guys). We can get there I think but it will take a considerable shift by McCarthy in his approach to the game.


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