Packers/Vikings Preview

  • Exciting game – though I can’t stand the Vikings it is kind of cool for them to have a nice stadium…guaranteeing they will be around for many more years for us to feast on.
  • However, tonight, I don’t see it as our night. I know I picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl but I have been uneasy about our first two games for months now. We lucked out last week I think because Chris Ivory was out and McCarthy coaching scared didn’t totally cost us the game. That was a close game against a team that is better than their 38-7 loss to San Diego today would indicate. But this game against the Vikes is equally worrisome. They have the new stadium and the Vikes have FOREVER been an adrenaline team. They thrive on big games because they get so hyped. (which historically for them mostly means playing “spoiler” in games…). I expect this to be like that perhaps bigger than before. That means one of two different possibilites:
    • The Packers win by 40.
    • The Vikes pull out a relatively ugly victory. If I had to bet on this game I’d pick the latter – Vikes win. Why?
      • I think Adrian Peterson is going to have 250 yards rushing. I really do. I think he will be unstoppable tonight.
      • Several big kick returns by Patterson.
      • I think the Vikes D will be good enough to keep our offense in check.
      • I think the Vikes will then go on to lose a couple of games they “should” win, while the Pack goes on a big winning streak.
      • Vikings 29, Packers 27.



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