Packers/Jaguars Preview

  • I am not looking forward to this game. I am super excited for the season to start – don’t get me wrong – but I am not excited for this particular game. If the game were in Green Bay I’d feel very differently. And even though Jax hasn’t historically had much of a home field advantage, I just don’t like starting the season there.
  • Jax has some pretty good skill position players: Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Julius Thomas, Marcedes Lewis, TJ Yeldon, Chris Ivory and Blake Bortles. This is a good offense with the potential this year, to explode. Robinson has had games where it seems there is no way to defend him. Julius Thomas was amazing in Denver and should be even better with Bortles as Bortles develops. But I worry about the 1-2 punch of Yeldon and Chris Ivory against our MLBs. Our D-Line is decent, Peppers and Matthews should still be good and our secondary should be among the best in the NFL. But we’re starting two relatively unproven dudes at middle LB and I’m concerned about it. If I were Jax, I’d target the middle of the field with both TEs and pound it up the middle with Yeldon and Ivory. Maybe Martinez and Ryan will surprise – and if they do I don’t think Jax will be able to keep up. But if they struggle, this could end up being a long game for GB.
  • Rodgers has a lot to prove. I can see him coming out more like we’re used to – accurate passes, few incompletions and overall, really good stats.
  • I think Lacy will be fired up and he’ll look good on a few runs but I think Paul Posluszny and the gang are ready for him.
  • I think Gus Bradley is a decent coach. He doesn’t have a great career record yet as a head coach, but he was a major reason Seattle’s defense was SO good in recent years. I think it’s likely he is a guy who – with the benefit of the whole offseason – has a good sense for what the Packers offense is all about. I think this may end up being the key. In fact, I think it’s likely this is a game where it looks like the opposing defense knows what’s coming.
  • Unless McCarthy has a bunch of new stuff or makes a number of great/varied play calls, I think this could be a tough day for our offense – particularly our running game.
  • Jax will be a good team this year – finally. I think they actually could win the AFC South. I also think the Packers will win their division and eventually the Super Bowl. But for some stupid reason, I think the Packers lose game #1.
  • Jax 27, Packers 23.
  • Ok – I just learned that Chris Ivory is out today. He was actually a big reason I thought the Packers D would struggle with the Jaguars running game. With Ivory out, I think Yeldon could still be trouble but I actually think Ivory’s absence will change this game? How? Jax won’t be able to control time of possession like they’re hoping to via the running game. So I think the Packers will overwhelm with talent eventually. And I have a new prediction now:
  • Packers 27, Jax 21.

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