Sitton and other cuts


Just a few quick thoughts on the most recent cuts by the Packers.

  • The Josh Sitton cut was interesting. While I can admit that he had a couple good years in there, the last couple years have not been that good. I know he was a pro-bowler those years but I don’t think he deserved it. He was good as a run blocker but weak as a pass blocker. So, I don’t think he had SO MUCH talent that this is a huge loss talent-wise. But what concerns me is the chemistry of the O-Line. Of all places on the field, the O-Line functions as a unit – and chemistry on that unit is imperative. When a significant player (definitely the biggest star on the line) is let go just a week before the season starts, I worry about chemistry. What are the other guys thinking? Is Rodgers just pissed off? Can Lane Taylor fill in – not talent-wise, but chemistry wise? I think it’s a bit of a gamble to jettison such a key guy on offense just a week before the season. Something tells me there is a lot more to the story.
  • Sam Barrington and Carl Bradford – both cuts surprised me somewhat. I thought Barrington was a guy who would stick for some time. Not because he was awesome but because we just had so few decent options at middle LB. But Bradford was a guy I really liked.  In the few games I saw him, he was reckless and reminded me a bit of a young Desmond Bishop. I liked the way he played. I am not sold on Jake Ryan, but he’s young and I guess he should get a chance. And of course Blake Martinez could be very good – so I’m OK with the cuts if it means he gets more time. But I have ongoing concerns about TT’s ability to assess talent at MLB. AJ Hawk stuck around for 9 years more than he should have and we’ve had to deal with multiple years of guys like Brady Poppinga in there. We need the reckless guys that play instinctively and we just don’t have that. Maybe Ryan and Martinez will become that but I remain skeptical.
  • Cutting Tim Masthay was a good idea. He seemed like a good guy and he I’m guessing he was a good holder for Crosby as Crosby has had a major turnaround the last couple years. But he just wasn’t doing it in the punting game. The number of times he failed to get it even inside the 20 – from not that far away – had too much of an effect on games. Hopefully Jacob Schum can step in effectively.

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