Packers to win Super Bowl


Welcome back everyone to Packergeeks. As we head into the final week before the season starts I thought I’d share some thoughts on the team and where I think they’re headed. As you can tell by the title of this post, I have high expectations for the Packers (even though I think they may lose week 1). The last time I predicted a Packers Super Bowl win was 2010…

  • This year could be a monster year for Aaron Rodgers. Last year he was a bit iffy for Rodgers but I think this year will be better. Why? Not just because Jordy is back – though that definitely will help. But here are the main reasons why I believe this:
    • Jared Cook should help open up the field. I’m guessing he’ll be a great weapon as a pass-receiving TE (not quite Finley but in the same ballpark), but that may not be how he helps the offense most. He’ll open up the field and stretch it down the seam in a way we haven’t seen since Finley. Defenses will be forced to pay a fair amount of attention to him, which will free up other guys.
    • One guy I am thinking will benefit quite a bit from Cook’s presence could be Richard Rodgers. Not only did Rodgers lose some weight which will help him get open better (he was unbelievably slow last year), but if the Packers are smart and use some of the two TE sets that New England uses, Rodgers, with his great hands, could become a major problem for defenses when they are forced to put their better coverage players on Cook. Key here though, is that McCarthy and staff recognize they finally have the personnel to regularly incorporate two TE sets.
    • Jared Abbrederis. I think this is the year for Abbrederis. Injury is always a concern for the guy but I think Rodgers likes him and has grown to trust him. He is a good route runner. Last year when I was clamoring constantly for WR coaches or whoever to get the WRs back to the fundamentals of route running (Cobb was particularly bad running routes last year), Abbrederis was a breath of fresh air because he runs crisp routes. This year he’s looked good in preseason and I think he could end up helping quite a bit in the return game if given the opportunity.
    • With Jordy, Cobb, Abbrederis, Cook, Rodgers, probably Montgomery,  – the Packer have a formidable group of pass catchers and I think this will lead to Rodgers having stat lines highlighted by completions to many different receivers. And who knows, with the attention paid to Jordy and the leading guys, maybe Davante gets back into it (and Janis too…stretching the field). Adams was much better as the #3 or #4 guy – he was not too good when forced into the #2 spot last year.
    • One risk for our offense is the possibility that the slow down we’ve seen in recent years is due to the fact that defenses have figured Rodgers/McCarthy out. If Jordy weren’t playing and we didn’t pick up Cook, I would be more worried about this but with the personnel we have on offense I think it’s possible that even if the offensive scheme has kind of been “figured out”, we can still execute well enough to make it hard to stop. We’ll see.
    • Defensively, I think we’re in a good place. I really like the DBs we have back there right now – and it’s looking like one or more good ones are going to get cut. That’s a good position to be in.
    • I feel better about the LB position than I have in a long time. With Peppers and Matthews back in their natural positions on the outside and Barrington pairing with Jake Ryan in the middle, we could be decent there. For me, I need to see more from Ryan as last year I didn’t think he was as good as many other people thought he was. But I do think Barrington has potential to be really good because he flashed that potential a couple years ago before last year’s injury. And with Thomas, Martinez and Bradford waiting in the wings in the middle, we may finally have depth if one of these starters doesn’t pan out.
    • I think the defense has the potential to be a top 5 defense judging by the potential of the personnel. But with Capers, I still don’t have faith that he’ll make the right decisions at the right times to make this defense dominate. Tough to say.
    • And lastly, I feel good about the special teams. Crosby really came back last year and I think built his confidence big-time. I was happy to see that. Tim Masthay is gone and I think that’s good. There have been a number of times in recent years when he cost us momentum (like when we chose to punt on a 4th and short around midfield and he didn’t even get it inside the 20). Schum couldn’t be much worse. Only concern would be if it somehow disrupts Crosby’s kicking. I also think the return game could finally make a difference in our games. I’m excited to see what Abbrederis can do – and maybe Montgomery if he makes the team.
    • The division will be interesting this year. The Bears are limited by Cutler. He has a ceiling due to his mental/attitude limitations. Even with Fox trying to push him positive, I just don’t see it. I think the only guy who could probably get Cutler to play to the talent level he has is Pete Carroll. So Bears should be middle of the road. The Lions will be hurt by Calvin Johnson’s departure, though I think their offense will surprise some and be fairly prolific. But I’m not too scared by this Lions team. The Vikes were dealt a huge blow with Bridgewater out. I didn’t think he’d dominate or anything but that’s a huge disruption to the season. And bringing Sam Bradford on board (especially if it’s for a 1st round pick) is definitely not the answer. Shaun Hill is a very, very good backup but we haven’t seen him play for a while. There is a chance he has a huge season and the Vikes get into the playoffs but there will eventually be pressure to play Bradford and that I predict will doom them for the year.
    • I think the Packers finish 12-4 or 11-5 and catch fire in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. New England and maybe Pittsburgh might make winning the Super Bowl difficult but I think this Packers team will play with a chip on their shoulder given the ugly endings to the last few seasons.

4 Responses to “Packers to win Super Bowl”

  1. keefer147 Says:

    How do you feel about the cuts yesterday?

  2. awhayes Says:

    Sitton was good early on but I think he’s declined quite a bitcincrhe last 2 years. Think pro bowl nods should have come earlier in his career not last 2 years. Possible lane Taylor steps in just fine. Bigger issue tho is psychological – don’t think it’s a good idea to disrupt a unit like o line this close to season. Concerned Rodgers may be ticked too. Surprised by barrington and Bradford cuts. Thought both those guys would fit in well this year.

  3. rtimmons Says:

    Thoughts on the backfield? Big guy lost any weight? Also did you note Pack picked up Jhurrel Pressley from Vikes? He had some good runbacks last week. I’m concerned with the running backs and Rodgers problem getting plays off w/o timeouts.

  4. Jared Cook having the Jermichael Finley effect | packergeeks Says:

    […] fact – just came across this Packergeeks post from the beginning of the season where I talk about Cook being a key to the Packers winning the […]

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