We lost on a tremendous play call


That playcall to Fitz was unreal. Just a great play call right there. I hate losing this game but we lost it on a play that is the kind of play that great coaches call at great moments.

6 Responses to “We lost on a tremendous play call”

  1. Frank G Says:

    It was a busted play with busted coverage, I believe.

  2. kaiax33 Says:

    If you’re talking about the shuttle pass to Fitz to end it…agreed. The other was a busted play, that went 70+ because of busted coverage. You have a guy who’s put up 171 yards on you and you left him undefended? Seriously? Secondary coach….that’s on you.

  3. Frank G Says:

    2 straight OT losses in the playoffs. The season before that we lost on a FG at the end. Oh, the agony…

  4. notjohnheard Says:

    The players that we’ve been saying all year need to see more turf time–Janis and abredaris–played a great game. They should have been in the game from a much earlier point in the season.
    McCarthy needs to go. His play calling was just subpar. So disappointed but the team Exceeded my expectations.

    • Frank G Says:

      Strongly disagree. MM had the team up for a fight tonight on the road against (IMO) the best team in the NFL. Fire him and hire who…?

  5. notjohnheard Says:

    AZ is by no means the best team in the NFL.
    I just don’t see Rodgers making a successful playoff run with the management currently in place, and he is the rarified material, not the coaching staff. I just don’t think management should be able to sit back and say “well, we’ve made it to the playoffs the last 7 yrs, my job is done.” How is repeated unsuccessful bids IN the playoffs–ie. Choking–any more of a success than losing seasons? The end result is still the same. What is the team paying him to do?

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