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  • I am so tired of losing to teams that get lucky. AZ’s last TD was so flippin absurd. I’m so ticked. It’s just like Seattle. Really this reminds me of the Bucks of the 1980s when they would do what they needed to in order to win and lose to teams because of the refs or ridiculously unlucky plays. I’m just so tired of it.
  • Really, this is ridiculous. We finally put up a stellar effort – mostly on defense – and we get hosed by a weird combo of iffy officiating and unbelievably bad luck.
  • Arizona did not deserve to win this game. They were thoroughly outplayed in this game. Just feels so particularly awful as a fan.
  • Arizona did win this game on an absolutely fantastic play call. I hate to admit this. But Arians called the perfect play at the perfect time. That pitch to Fitz was an unreal play call for a TD.
  • I don’t like to whine about the officiating but I thought there were some very suspect calls tonight. But the one that was the most costly was the no-call when Abbrederis was in good position on that 3rd and short late in the game and was totally interfered with. The DB was not turned around and hit him early – no call. A call there and the Pack has the ball and plenty of time to march down the field on a super tired AZ defense with 1 timeout remaining.
  • I like that the Packers came out and made this the game it was. I am extremely mad as I write this as I really felt like the Packers deserved this win. But at the same time I am proud that the team came out, thoroughly outplayed the Cardinals and pulled off one of the most dramatic last minute drives in NFL history. I really like that we did this but for this to have ended in a loss just sucks. It really does.
  • I’m also a bit ticked about that call against Morgan Burnett – we never saw the replay – on that absolutely critical 3rd down play late.
  • But I can’t really blame the officiating totally. I was very frustrated with the playcalls when we got the ball back before we threw that one to Abbrederis. That run to Lacy just ate up clock – weird weird play call there. We got conservative at a time when we couldn’t afford to be. We should have put this game away – kind of like the Seattle game. We outplayed a team that was supposed to beat us yet we let them hang around almost just because we knew that they were supposed to win the game.
  • While Sam Shields had a quality game in coverage, his 3 missed picks and his missed tackle on Fitz in overtime cost us the game. He makes any of those plays and the outcome is likely different.
  • One of the things that is super frustrating to me is what Abbrederis and Janis did with playing time. Both contributed tonight significantly and many of us have been saying for months now that they deserved a chance. Our WRs weren’t getting open and we weren’t coming up with solutions – even though getting these guys involved seemed like such an obvious solution. It is frustrating that so many non-football type people could see this but apparently the coach couldn’t.
  • Again – I am very mad. But I have to say I’m pleased that we came to play and made such a game of this one. We definitely deserved to win yes but I’m glad we came ready for this one.
  • The Hail Mary was so ridiculous. Rodgers pass was honestly one of the greatest passes I’ve ever seen. Just an amazingly difficult pass and a top notch catch besides. So awesome. I refused to turn off the TV because of what happened against Detroit and I just can’t believe that it happened again.
  • I am a bit concerned heading into the next year about the Packers ability to win big with McCarthy. While I thought he and his staff did a bit better in the playoffs, I just have this ongoing concern that this is just about as far as we’ll be able to go with him.
  • I did like seeing Aaron Rodgers kind of wake up in the playoffs – and play with more fire. We have missed that this year. He is a firey guy like Brady and when he’s into it, he’s hard to beat.
  • I do hope that it became abundantly clear to MM and staff that the conservative playcalls and sticking to the pre-game game plan just don’t work with this offense. We are at our best when we’re playing with a sense of urgency and when we are not playing conservatively at all.
  • I hate to think that if Seattle wins, we could/should be playing them next week at Lambeau. Hard to think about right now.
  • In the end, I feel badly for this team. They sort of resurrected themselves for the playoffs and this just has to hurt so much right now. They should feel good about the effort they put forth in this game. We deserved a different result for sure.
  • I hope we make some moves this offseason. We need a TE that can run. We need a partner for Clay in the middle. We need a scat back that can get open on 3rd We need to start Abbrederis instead of James Jones. We need to go out and get either a super quick or super huge WR – someone that gives us a dimension we don’t have now.
  • Please take care of yourselves this off season. I have enjoyed blogging with you all. I continue to be so impressed by the insight of the comments on this site – it’s a big reason why I love doing this. I read every single comment and so many of them are so insightful – and usually things I haven’t considered. I just love it.
  • Good luck to the Packers in the draft and here’s to next season!

7 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Cardinals”

  1. Frank G Says:

    I agree with most of what you’ve written, especially about the poor officiating (Have you ever seen a more obvious Offensive PI on the 2nd Cards TD? Refs asleep at the switch on that critically important play).

    As for MM, I’m still in his corner. I blame him for keeping the incompetent Slocumb around for so many years, and for his decision to elevate Clements (and effectively fire himself)–a move that had a previously powerful offense out of sync all year. I’m more distressed by the defense’s inability to stop the opposition’s last drive in 3 straight playoff finales. Someone needs to step up and make a play when the game is on the line like that.

    The Packers are an outstanding organization, something the normally tight-lipped Bill Belichick acknowledged before 2014’s game. It’s incredibly hard to win a SB…since the 2005 season the superb Patriots have won exactly the same number of SB’s as GB. In fact, the 2 times NE lost, they were defeated by the same team that bounced GB from the playoffs. I do wish that TT would dip his toe in free agency some more…Woodson and Peppers were excellent acquisitions. As Bob Schnell pointed out in his excellent comment last week, we are really fortunate to have such a team to cheer for.

    I enjoy reading your blog during the games. Thanks, and have a great year!

  2. Ace Says:

    Sort of unfair in a game like that to end with only one team getting the ball. In playoffs why not just play successive 15 minutes quarters until someone wins.
    O line deserves much credit.
    Needs- tight end, more depth in O line, Julio jones type wr, replacement for Peppers. Need to re sign Crosby who was v good this year.
    How many teams can do as well as the pack did in the playoffs, esp AZ game, with its 4 top wrs out. Jones is gone.

  3. Keith Says:

    Without getting into what I agree or disagree with you on, I would just like to say thank you for this blog. I have really come to enjoy following your thoughts and insights before, during and after the games.

  4. Keith Says:

    Bruce Arians’ aggressive approach pays off; take note, Packers

    If you haven’t read this already, check it out. You will like it.
    Feel free to forward this to McCarthy

  5. Nate Says:

    Agree with Keith, thank you for this blog I have been following it for 4 or 5 years now, and always gain a lot of insight, following up on almost every game, eager to hear your analysis, and the thoughts of the commentators. Thanks! Go Pack!

  6. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Packers would’ve been destroyed by that Broncos defense tonight, IMO.

  7. Rockbear Says:

    Pack prediction 13/3 ??

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