Packers/Redskins Preview

  • Here we go. This has been a difficult season for fans as a lot of weird stuff has happened. It is just plain weird that the offense is playing as badly as they are. And it’s weird that, if I’m not mistaken, if we hadn’t no-showed for the last 2 games and won somehow, we could have had a bye. Amazing how odd this season has been.
  • The defense has been pretty solid this year. They deserve credit for this. They have been up and down at times sure, but I think they’ve been better perhaps than many realize because they’ve had to keep us in games when the offense has offered little to nothing. And have often responded well to this kind of pressure (with some obvious exceptions like Arizona).
  • The Packers better come out and play “schoolyard ball” or whatever they always call it when they abandon McCarthy’s rigid pre-game script and just let it fly. There is nothing to lose here. They had 247 yards of offense in the last 19 minutes of the last game (and hardly any prior to that). There is no excuse for sticking with a super conservative and ineffective offensive game plan when it just doesn’t work. Let it fly today!
  • Rodgers better throw with more confidence today. He has been so hesitant and odd this year I hope he can just throw the ball with zip and be decisive like the real Aaron Rodgers today. If he comes out like this, there is a chance the old Packers may make a surprise appearance.
  • The Redskins are a really good team. They are super confident, they are playing at home and they have succeeded this year in the face of lots of doubters/critics (suggesting a mental toughness that could be difficult to contend with).
  • But the Redskins are not without their faults. They have one of the weakest defenses in the NFL – a defense a prepared Packers team should be able to light up (even despite our recent ineptitude on offense).
  • Everyone has talked about the importance of getting pressure on Cousins as a key- and it definitely is – but I have a feeling we will see a heavy dose of Alfred Morris. He has been well rested this year because Matt Jones has taken a bunch of his carries this year. But with Jones out, I actually think that will be bring clarity to Washington’s murky RB situation – and Morris could be ready to go off. He’s a good player.
  • I think a big factor in this game will be special teams. As much as many Packer fans have learned to simply expect that the Packers offense is likely going to struggle – we should be able to expect that our special teams will be solid, if not a contributing factor in games. I think this could be a game for Janis to go nuts. He’s been so incredibly good on coverage and decent returning, but I think this may be the game he breaks one for a TD.
  • I have been wrong picking games so many times this year it’s amazing! If I thought about this game based simply on recent history, it would be a no-brainer to pick the Redskins. But there are some other factors here and one of them is that I think of the Redskins now as sort of a hard-luck franchise. Sure, maybe their luck is about to turn but when you’re so entrenched in your bad luckness, it’s hard to escape it. Bad things tend to happen to them and I expect a bit of that today. I also think the Packers are (or should be at least) very angry. They have looked awful lately and there has been a lot of criticism of the team. I’m hoping that will get McCarthy fired up which sometimes has the effect of making him be a bit more aggressive. If we’re not aggressive today, we’ll lose. Period. If we are, I think we’ll win. And counter to what recent games should tell me, I actually think we’ll be aggressive today.
  • Packers 31, Redskins 24.

One Response to “Packers/Redskins Preview”

  1. tfreeman98 Says:

    I’m with you. I realize that it might be mostly wishful thinking, but I think the Packers will find a way to win this game.

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