Game Thoughts Packers/Redskins

  • The Packers won this game because Mike McCarthy stayed aggressive. I’ve ripped on him a bunch this past year because I think many of the losses and most of our offensive issues were in good part his fault. Often because he’d pull back from being aggressive. But tonight he stayed aggressive and we won convincingly. And it’s only fair that I now acknowledge very clearly that Mike McCarthy and his game plan (and the adjustment he FINALLY made to his game plan in the second quarter) were huge today. Nicely earned victory coach.
  • The no huddle in the second quarter was huge. Not only did it positively disrupt our lack of rhythm from the first quarter, but it wiped out the Redskins defense. They were absolutely exhausted early in the 3rd quarter and they never recovered.
  • It’s so nice to see Rodgers get his smile back. He genuinely seemed excited and happy to be out there. And his play reflected that. He looked really good today…finally.
  • It was nice to see Abbrederis get some action today. It was unfortunate that it came only because of Adams injury – and Adams was finally playing well – but it was really nice to see him out there. I hope you all had the chance to see what I saw at Lambeau against Detroit and what I’ve noticed in other games – he just gets open because he’s faithful to running his routes as designed. He was so wide open on that 2 point conversion – but I think if we continue to use him we’ll find more wide open pass situations like that.
  • It was nice to see Starks and Lacy answer when called upon. They looked really good and fresh in the second half. Starks in particular was running like a wild man today. It got to the point on a few of those runs where you could see Redskins defenders clearly not excited about having to tackle him again.
  • The defense was once again very solid. While they do tend to give up a fair amount of yards, they are so good at keeping teams out of the end zone. They played very well tonight as a unit and deserve tons of credit for this win.
  • That was a great hustle play in the first have by Clinton-Dix. He made it just hard enough for DeSean Jackson – even though a smarter WR would have found a way into the endzone probably. But that was a great hustle play that had a huge impact on the game. Possibly the play of the game.
  • This weekend was the week of the goat – DeSean Jackson was an idiot on that missed TD. Blair Walsh (despite having a very good game for the first 59 minutes) was the total goat in the Minnesota game. Hoyer was a complete goat. And Burfict, Jones and the horrific Marvin Lewis were all goats for Cincy (though I still don’t know how Joey Porter wasn’t flagged in that whole mess…)
  • Great game plan today by Dom Capers. He really drew up a beauty. Kirk Cousins was playing better than maybe anyone except Russell Wilson coming into the game. He is super accurate and decisive and by the end of the game, we had him hesitating and just plain worried about the pressure.
  • I’d probably give the game ball to Dom Capers. JC Tretter would be a finalist, as would James Jones and Adams (before his injury). But Capers really had a good game plan that kept Cousins uncomfortable. If he can draw something up like that next week – that would be huge because Carson Palmer makes mistakes.
  • As excited as I am that we were fired up today and absolutely came to play and delivered big time, this Washington defense was very bad. I think there were a number of plays we got away with that we won’t get away with next week against Arizona. It is critical that we figure out a way to get Abbrederis on the field (hopefully WITH the other WRs). If we can get he and Adams (if Adams can play) contributing that could change the game next week considerably. No team can defend 4 quality WRs effectively, even AZ (especially with Mathieu out).
  • We need to go with the no huddle next week as well – and stick with it for longer than just 1 quarter. It is totally exhausting for defenses, it forces offsides and 12 men on the field penalties and is just generally a pain to deal with.
  • But the most important thing next week is that we show up loose, play free and stay aggressive. When we stay aggressive, we win.

One Response to “Game Thoughts Packers/Redskins”

  1. Bob Schnell Says:

    All good points emanating from well conceived thinking. If the Packers are to have any chance of winning next week, they need
    to create an offensive and defensive game plan that is totally different from their last visit to Arizona. I believe such a plan needs
    to be risk tolerant, have several trick plays and emphasize on offense and defense new/different looks that we have not shown so far this year!

    Regarding this year’s draft, the Packers need to improve the overall
    speed of their offensive personnel, plus come up with a starter at
    linebacker and add at least two quality defensive linemen and at least one quality offensive lineman. I realize this is probably too much to hope for from the draft. However, echoing the sentiments
    of Bob McGinn’s article from today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Packers need to open up their bank vault and use their money in the free agent draft to supplement those areas that the draft will probably not take care of in it’s entirety.

    It has been a tough and draining season! Much criticism by all Packer fans, especially myself, has been levied on the team and its coaches. Some of it fair, but, more of it unfair when one really considers all the injuries and the confusion caused by the reassignment of coaching duties. In my opinion, I think we all need,
    especially myself as one of the biggest offenders, to put an immediate halt to it. It has already been too much. We probably are going to lose next week, but come what may, let us all go out on the positive. Realizing once again how good we as Packer fans have it with the quality of players, coaches and administrators our team has
    to guide it both now and in the future. Getting to the Super is harder than ever! Only one team can be declared the champions. Let’s appreciate the fact that we are pretty lucky to have the Packers as our team. Take care and have a Happy New Year!

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