Packergeek reader wonders…


Are the Packers throwing this game so they can play Washington? (Good thought Fred!) As ridiculous as that sounds, it is still so difficult that the team has become this bad.


2 Responses to “Packergeek reader wonders…”

  1. #12 the man Says:

    Nice thought, but I think they’re just not very good. If they lose and have to play Washington (who have just won 4 straight) on the road, do you really think they would win?

  2. footballrulz Says:

    Think their best bet would be to play Mn again and then just plan on cleaning out their lockers. For some reason they can’t execute crap this year on either side of the ball. Tired of the bs about this defense being good. Any team xan score on them. No offense to counter those scores; short play-off run. Players are the problem– not plays. Give Rodgers a line, get some speed and a d secondary. And how about some players that can stay healthy. Get off of jjj’s ass also
    He’s done as much as anyone else this season

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