Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings



  • Yet another lifeless, unimaginative, uninspiring game by the Packers.
  • The Packers were badly outcoached in this game. Let’s start calling this exactly what it is – a massive coaching problem. We continue to rely on (now, poor) game plans drawn up before the games with no contingency plans – meaning virtually no substantive in-game adjustments. This is crazy-making stuff. I wonder if Capers ever weighs in on our offense? We need input from someone else as McCarthy/Clements have been solved by the NFL.
  • I don’t want to hear about Jordy’s injury. Yes it hurts – he’s a great player. But New England finds ways to make adjustments. Their organization constantly brings in other guys that actually make the team and contribute when there are injuries. We just inexplicably stick with the very same personnel and the very same game plans week after week. And we lose – all while having the best QB in the NFL.
  • Why wasn’t Abbrederis out there as a WR tonight? To me, this is a clear slap in the face by McCarthy to Rodgers. Just a week ago Rodgers said Abbrederis “needs to get on the field more” because he is a good route runner and good at getting open (clearly the biggest problem for our WRs). I honestly think this is a control move by McCarthy – asserting his power – because it makes absolutely no sense to not give Abbrederis a bigger opportunity.
  • Once again – why do we use our star RB so weirdly? Lacy was just plain removed from the game when we decided to throw more. While I don’t question throwing more when we’re down by 17, completely taking him off the field takes away any threat of running the ball. So it becomes a lot easier to play defense.
  • Why don’t we just throw it deep 3 times in a row to Janis and risk a pick? Given how crappy our offense is, why not at the very least do this to stretch the defense. It just makes sense. Do we not do this because Rodgers is unwilling to throw picks (sometimes risking a pass is a good thing to do…)? Or so we not do this because McCarthy (and nobody else in the organization?) sees the value of stretching a defense? It is just crazy that we almost never do this.
  • The defense came to play tonight (and so did Mason Crosby – play of the game for sure!) They have been better this year than I thought they’d be – in good part because they’ve had to be just to keep us in games. But McCarthy is not only squandering Rodgers prime years, he’s also squandered a fairly solid year from Capers and the defense.
  • I don’t see good things for next week against a very hot Redskins team. This Packers team has become difficult to watch. As always, I’ll remain hopeful and support them like mad – but this is clearly not our year (unless McCarthy has quietly squirreled away a playbook with all new plays that he just hasn’t wanted any other teams to see!!!).
  • I’ll say it again, I think Mike McCarthy is squandering the peak years of one of the NFL’s best ever players in Aaron Rodgers. We need someone else to come in and bring a fresh offense that Rodgers can master and drag us out of this hole. I know there are many of you that think I’m crazy for saying this but I have seen enough. It’s not just this year, but it’s the no-shows in the playoffs the last 4 years and the other no-shows in big games throughout his time. Yes he won a Super Bowl – and he deserves all the credit in the world for that. And he probably deserved a few years of “coaching immunity” (not being fired) just because he won it. And, I should also add that I think McCarthy deserves a fair amount of credit for helping to develop Aaron Rodgers. He has definitely done some great things in Green Bay, and he’s a likable guy on top of it. But I think his time has come. Since 2010, the Packers are 2-4 in the playoffs (with 4 of those 6 games at home). He is not good at game-planning anymore, his team consistently comes out flat and seemingly unprepared, he cannot make in-game adjustments and he cannot win big games. And perhaps more than anything – I think defenses have simply figured him out. This happens sometimes in the NFL and the sooner we recognize this and take some action, the better off we’ll be. Why just sit idly by as the already evident decline happens? I essentially see McCarthy right now just as the Chargers saw Marty Schottenheimer back in 2007 when he was fired after a 14-2 season (and John Fox last year by Denver). In both cases management determined that the head coach simply could not get the team to the Super Bowl. That’s how I feel about McCarthy now. There is likely to be some talent out there in the coaching world (Adam Gase, Sean Payton, Josh McDaniels, etc) we could pounce on if we had a head start. Time to move on.

6 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings”

  1. Geoff Johnson Says:

    This comment is so accurate. We continue to be satisfied with the results we see when the talent on the field deserves more from the sidelines. They do enough to keep their jobs and keep the Packers mediocre. Out coached every week!!!

  2. Chas Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. My exact feelings.

  3. Lynn Friggin' Dickey Says:

    Seems pretty clear Rodgers has lost all faith in and respect for McCarthy. I think Murphy will have to fire McCarthy as a result, this level of dysfunction can’t continue for another season. One has to go and you can’t cut your HoF QB. Time to bring in some fresh ideas. I hear Sean Payton might be available…

  4. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I’m starting to come around to your thesis of a problem with coaching. But there’s a lot of guys out there that are way worse than him.

    Like I said in an earlier post, I think Sean Payton is a step down from McCarthy. And Josh McDaniels has done absolutely nothing as a HC in the NFL. I mean, he’s the idiot that traded up into the first round for Tim Tebow. He’d be a disaster for the Packers.

  5. Dean Says:

    I don’t think the dropoff is quite so black and white – There are a few things in play here:

    1. Regarding Abbredaris/Janis not getting on the field more – this is the M.O. of the Packers, much to their fault. Once someone has been named a starter, they are going to start, unless there is an injury. AJ Hawk is exhibit number 1 for this, alsoTretter/Linsley. don’t know if this comes from McCarthy or Thompson, but I think this goes to accountability – the Packers are in a bad “no cut” mentality, I don’t think there’s any pressure on the starters. I’m not saying that they are loafing because of it, but I think this does play into the intensity of the team. Offense just looks lifeless.

    2. I don’t think that the offense has been run for nearly 10 years, successfully, and then is all of a sudden “figured out” in the span of 1 season. I think they were let down by this year’s coaching changes. Edgar Bennett was WR coach last year and got moved up to OC, Clements got his weird “associate head coach” title, and Van Pelt was moved to coach both WR and QB. Solari was added from the 49ers to coach the offensinve line. From the outside, it would appear that we are too top-heavy in the coaching staff. Not having Bennett on your ass as a WR coach would easily explain why route running is not crisp and no one can get open. OL has had injuries but has been very inconsistent. I think there’s a breakdown in communication at all levels, between players and coaches and in between coaches. They should have been able to overcome the loss of Jordy. I understand why they would want to retain Bennett but we effectively have 2 OC’s – what other team does this? Rogers is obviously disconnected, there is a huge void right now and this has to be filled, immediately. Defense has played well (except in the Arizona game), remember back to the preseason, Capers made a major change to how the defense was run – communication and how the plays were called was greatly simplified. The defense has kept us in games this year, we were totally let down by the offense.

    3. Agree on the RB comment – I saw Lacy rip off a couple of 6-yard runs, and then mysteriously, Starks was in. But that speaks to another problem – Lacy came in too fat and lost a step. Get a guy assigned to him or something and make sure he reports in shape next year.

    4. I hate to say this, and I’ll be rooting for them to win, but in a way I hope that they lose. We need something to spark some changes in the structure of the offense. Not a house-cleaning but McCarthy and Thompson have to get some pressure on them to make some changes in how they operate. McCarthy’s coaching staff changes were well intentioned but turned out to be a disaster.

    • awhayes Says:

      Good thoughts on this dean. Especially point about no pressure on the starters (or really anyone on the roster). Bob McGinn had a good piece on this a few weeks back.

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