If rumors are true about Sean Payton…


There have been persistent rumors that Sean Payton may be leaving New Orleans. He denies this saying he just built a home in New Orleans etc, but they always deny stuff like this. Though even considering going after Payton would be a departure from TT’s “stay the course” mentality, I think everything needs to be on the table right now. Payton interviewed here when McCarthy was given the job.  I don’t know the full background but I remember for some reason that we did like Payton. I think Payton’s aggressiveness would play well in Green Bay after a number of years with relatively conservative coaches. And I think he could really bring out the best in Rodgers and the offense.

2 Responses to “If rumors are true about Sean Payton…”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I’ve never been particularly impressed with Payton. 5 of his 10 seasons with the Saints they’ve have had 8 losses or more. His defenses (which are his responsibly directly or indirectly) have been mediocre to awful. (Not to mention his association with guys like Greg Williams doesn’t speak well to his character.)

    I honestly don’t see him as a step up from McCarthy in any way right now.

  2. Fred Lach Says:

    Wasn’t Sean the center of the Saints controversy about hits to take opposition players out of the game or worse? I am not sure that I want that kind of coaching mentality!

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