Packers Broncos Preview

  • I am concerned about this game.
  • The Broncos are a good team, and their defense is very good.
  • But the main concern I have in this game is this: Aaron Rodgers, as great as he is, tends to struggle against teams that have a good reputation on defense (whether they are actually playing great defense against him or not). That sounds like a dumb comment on the surface (of course, everyone struggles against better defenses…) but let’s did deeper here. For whatever reason, Rodgers and staff seem to not game plan effectively against defenses that are known to be good. It’s almost like they are more comfortable playing into the leading narrative of the game (in this case – the Broncos amazing defense). And my basic contention is that with the offensive firepower of the Packers, we should be able to find a way to exploit some of the defensive weaknesses based on what they are emphasizing during the game. Instead, we often play right into them. Take Seattle for example. The Packers NEVER stretch the field against the Seahawks – which is exactly what Seattle wants. And then the game gets really tough because we’re playing super fast, sure-handed tacklers on a condensed field. I don’t think these games always get tough because of how great an opposing defense is playing etc, but more because of what the Packers offense ISN’T doing. We should demand that the leading narrative of the game is “the Packers offense” and not “so and so’s defense”. So tonight, I don’t want the Broncos tough D narrative to win out and I’m concerned it might.
  • I am really concerned about Rodgers ability in this game to make plays under heavy pressure. The Packers better have play action, roll outs, hurry up, screens, RBs available for outlet passes – all lined up in case the pressure becomes too much. Rivers lit up a blitz happy Packers D a few weeks ago in good part because they were totally prepared for a heavy pass rush. In this game, we know the pass rush will be a problem so we better have plays ready to make them pay if they get too aggressive – just like Rivers did to us. On the other side, Rodgers couldn’t do hardly anything against an aggressive San Diego pass rush because we just didn’t have plays ready for it. Can’t have that happen tonight or we’re toast.
  • I’m quite concerned too about how Peyton Manning has receded into the background. He has played poorly this year for sure. But his mind is still sharp and with a few weeks to game plan for this one, I am worried that he could surprise people tonight with a Rivers-like performance. He releases the ball quickly and thinks fast like Rivers. I see him having a big night tonight.
  • The key to this game may be the running game for Denver. I think Hillman could end up being the difference in this one.
  • Denver 27, Packers 24.

One Response to “Packers Broncos Preview”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Broncos have a terrible offense, Manning has been awful and their running game is worst in the league. If the Packers offense can avoid turnovers this is a winnable game. May be like that 9-0 win over the Jets in 2010, but winnable.

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