Game Thoughts Packers/Chargers

  • We won the game yes, but the Packers were seriously outcoached in this one. The offensive game plan of SD (the adjusted game plan I should add) was WAY better and their defensive game plan was way better too. It’s weird, after this game I’m struggling to figure out just how we ended up winning. With that offensive output, I’m not sure how San Diego didn’t score more points than we did.
  • I continue to be concerned about our coaching staff’s inability to make in-game adjustments. This has long been a characteristic of Mike McCarthy teams. We didn’t do a thing differently in the second half until we finally called that play action call, rolled Rodgers out and threw what amounted to a screen to Richard Rodgers. that was a great play call but it was done far too late. We should have been doing calls like that all game but just didn’t for some reason. I was also puzzled as to why we pulled the plug on James Starks. SD had one of the worst run defenses in the league coming into this one and after like 4 carries I think Starks had nearly 90 yards rushing. Why did we stop running?
  • Yes we pulled out a victory but there were lots of things exposed today that need attention asap. Among them was the concerning play of both our offensive line and our defensive line. Maybe Raji’s absence really hurt us but their O-Line handled our D-Line and Rivers and the coaching staff did a great job adjusting to our attempts at pressure.
  • What is going on with Eddie Lacy? He didn’t start and hardly had a chance to do anything. Is he in the doghouse? Did he gain too much weight (he looks extra big and extra slow to me lately)? This should have been an Eddie Lacy game today. Bad run D and a RB who hasn’t done much all year – you would have thought he’d be hungry and that he’d at least get a few attempts. It almost seems like he’s been demoted.
  • Rodgers was off again. He just doesn’t seem nearly as sharp this year despite our record. Today, his decision-making was off. He was 16 of 29 today – which is not good for Aaron Rodgers. And his usual decision-making about when to run for yards etc seemed lacking (at least in the second half – that was decent in the first half).
  • Brother Steve made the point that sometimes it seems the Packers offense is TOO focused on distributing the ball to a number of WRs. That can be super effective as PART of an overall game plan, but not if it means taking the ball out of the hands of the true playmakers. I’m concerned about how the Packers are (or aren’t) using Randall Cobb. He is a playmaker who is barely seeing any targets this year. He’s had one good game this year but has otherwise been super quiet.
  • Sam Shields had his worst game as a Packer. Some of those plays sure, he couldn’t have done much, but he was just awful out there for the most part in coverage. He must have given up at least 13 passes himself today (the majority of passes to Keene Allen but also some to Floyd and even some to Inman). Just an awful game for Shields. He dropped that wide open pick probably because he knew he didn’t deserve such a gift after the game he played.
  • The defense took several steps back today. They did not look good. They were lit up by a QB and an offense that came ready to play. Capers (and Matthews) failed to adjust and do anything to stop Rivers. Whenever we brought extra pressure all it seemed to do is give Rivers a numbers advantage as Woodhead or a TE leaked out and easily got open. But we didn’t figure this out and just kept doing it.
  • I think Clay Matthews took himself out of a number of plays today. While I think he’s played so well this year that MVP consideration seems fair, today he kept blitzing even though Rivers had demonstrated pretty clearly that he had an answer for it every time. I think that really ended up hurting us.
  • And Peppers had one sack but that’s about it. The sacks definitely help but he’s got to start doing a bit more than that: knocking down passes, tackling RBs, clogging passing lanes. (He had one tackle today.) It seems Capers (or Peppers?) has dialed things back. He is a player I still think could contribute in a variety of ways but they seem to be limiting their use of him. Maybe he’s gotten too slow to use him in other ways but I’m concerned with how he’s being used.
  • Maybe Rogers and the offense are intentionally being weak so that the defense can get a chance to be more of a factor for this team. So that at the end of the year, they’re ready to change a game or two!
  • I did like seeing both Janis and Abbrederis get involved. While Janis appeared on several occasions to not really know what was going on, his receptions were big and happened at big times. I especially liked the improvised pitch from Rodgers where we got to see Janis fly – he just left that LB in the dust. I like the dimension he adds. But I think Abbrederis getting in there finally to return the ball was huge. Not to put pressure on him but I can seriously see Abbrederis filling the Desmond Howard role this year – I think he’ll be that good. And while I hope the bye week will give Adams and Montgomery time to heal and get our offense ticking again, I think Abbrederis should get time as an actual WR. He is shiftier than the other guys and I’m guessing he’ll be better than the others at getting open. I think he’d be the perfect guy to throw in the backfield on 3rd downs to leak out for quick dump offs when other teams blitz (like the Chargers kept doing today).  Right now that’s what we need more than anything – a guy who can consistently get open because none of our other guys are doing it.
  • If Abbrederis doesn’t get more time, I would love to see the Packers pick up a scat back type guy that can get open on 3rd downs. I know they like Starks for that role and he’s decent, but I think we need a guy like Woodhead. He was so valuable on blitzes because it’s so easy for him to get open with his quickness. We need a guy like that (or like New England’s Dion Lewis). That would add a huge dimension to add to our offense – one that is sorely needed.
  • The Packers badly need this bye week to work on plays, get healthy and just separate from the game. There is a ton of pressure when playing with a target on your back – especially as an undefeated team – so I think it will be nice for the guys to get away from the game for a bit here.
  • Don’t let me mislead you with my concerns above – I still think this is a very very good football team that is capable of winning the Super Bowl. But today we got a glimpse of what it’s like to play against a high powered offense. Couple an offense like that with a strong defense (like the Patriots) and we might not be able to win a game like this. Packer coaches have had some absolutely money games this year for sure – and they should be recognized for that. But today was not one of them.
  • Let’s all get some rest and be ready for the Broncos!

4 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Chargers”

  1. jztimmons Says:

    Good stuff as always. Game day wouldn’t be the same without Coach Hayes.

  2. Dave In Tucson Says:

    I think a big problem with the defense today was the pass rush just wasn’t getting home near as much as it needed to. Too many drop backs Rivers had more than enough time to go through his progressions and find the open guy.

    Our secondary isn’t anywhere good enough to slow down a solid passing attack when the opposing QB has time like that.

  3. footballrulz Says:

    Insanity=doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Why not show blitz and drop back into coverage? Obviously rivers had the blitz figured out . Seems our cbs and safeties are always behind the receivers like they’re always in prevent d

    You’re right. Rodgers is off

    Should utilize more play action.

    Very tired of these “mid game lulls”. Come out swinging, get a lead, fall apart 2nd and 3rd qtr. Then come back and finish in the fourth (so far). After the last three weeks we could easily be 3-3

    Agree on need for by. Forget football for a week them come back rested, fresh and healthy (I hope, I hope).

  4. footballrulz Says:

    Oh two other things.

    I have a feeling we may see Carolina in the future

    Football?, more than ever, is becoming a game of attrition. Who can keep the most players healthy the longest.

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