Game Thoughts Packers/Chiefs

  • Absolutely horrible call on my part that Chiefs would sneak out with a win tonight. The Chiefs aren’t very good…at all. It did seem like secondary injuries had something to do with the performance tonight. But overall, their defense didn’t look tough at all frankly.
  • Alex Smith is limited. He is a classic game manager but his limits really make me wonder what the Chiefs would be like with an iffy running game. Not good probably.
  • Aaron Rodgers is the best offensive player in the NFL. Yes Brady has been incredible this year too, but Rodgers can do more than Brady can. Rodgers is simply amazing to watch. The number of times he seems to simply outsmart defenses is special. All the physical tools are amazing for sure, but he’s just so much smarter than everyone on the field. It’s becoming more and more apparent too the older he gets. Just stunning really.
  • Jayrone Elliott is the best defensive player in the NFL…per play. As ridiculous a claim as that may seem, can you think of another defender who causes more disruption per play than Elliott. Not even JJ Watt can claim to be as disruptive. Seriously, about 40%+ of the time he’s on the field, he does something disruptive. It’s simply outrageous. Considering that – I can’t imagine why he didn’t see more time at the end of the game when KC was driving easily down the field.
  • Now, neither the Chiefs nor the Seahawks have stellar offenses, but they do have world class RBs and they can usually put up a fair number of points. But the job the Packers did tonight and also last week, tells me this year’s defense may actually be quite a bit better than last year’s defense. Getting Hawk out of the middle definitely helps but I think something else is going on. I wonder if one quiet factor might be the fact that McCarthy is not calling plays any more. Though I’m likely giving him too much credit here, maybe McCarthy is able to focus a bit more on the defensive play calls – helping Capers – who has been shaky at best in recent years. Two minds better than one type of thing?
  • Tom Clements called a beautiful game tonight. At Packergeeks we tend to be fairly critical of the playcalling simply because it’s usually not as good as it could be. I rarely fault play designs – I still believe that Mike McCarthy (and perhaps now Tom Clements) has a real talent for coming up with creative plays that fit his personnel. But the problem I usually have has more to do with playcalls as they relate to the flow of the game. That’s been a challenge for McCarthy over the years. Tonight, Clements was all over it. The flow of playcalls especially early on was dead on. There were a few iffy moments in the second half but this was one of the better called games we’ve seen by the Packers in a long time. Nicely done Clements.
  • One issue I have noticed in the last few games has been that the Packers are too quick to call timeouts early in halves leaving them with 1 or zero timeouts later in the halves. If we had one timeout left tonight with 5 minutes left, the game would have ended when Maclin was short on that 4th and 18. Rodgers is guilty here as he often seems to be too comfortable letting the play clock get super low. This is a problem that needs to be fixed as it’s a pattern I really don’t want to see continue.
  • Picking up James Jones was so smart. He is unbelievably slow anymore, but he just knows what’s going on and suddenly, has hands like glue. Wasn’t the concern about him a few years back his drops? The guy catches absolutely everything. He’s made more difficult-looking catches than anyone else I’ve watched this year. Even if he’s out of bounds – he just hangs on. It’s amazing and his presence really helps this team.
  • And Randall Cobb is just so good. He is incredibly reliable and a tough little guy. Even though we can all clearly see how small he is, he doesn’t really play small. He, like Rodgers and Jones, plays both tough and smart.
  • Speaking of smart, so often, when this offense clicks, what we’re really watching is one team play WAY smarter than the other team. And it’s not just on playcalls that are designed playcalls, but it’s so often the plays the guys pull off when improvising. Nobody improvises better than Rodgers and his WRs.
  • This Packers team looks really strong. I do feel like we have yet to play an elite team (no, Seattle without Kam Chancellor is not elite). We’ll play some OK teams in the coming weeks (Chargers, Rams, decent), but it won’t be until the week after the bye at Denver that we’ll play one of the elite teams. Still, I love how this team is playing. They are playing with an aggressiveness and sense of urgency that they haven’t played with consistently for a while it seems. I think they are already sensing this could be a special year.
  • Mike Daniels was a force tonight. He looked really good.
  • Matthews was also just wild tonight – so much energy it was crazy.
  • Shields catching up to Maclin on that 60 yard pass play was a special play. It was late in the game and he showed a burst of speed we haven’t seen from him for a while. Fantastic play, that (as the British would say).
  • Big victory. Things look good for this team moving forward.

2 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Chiefs”

  1. Dave K Says:

    I picked the Chiefs tonight also. I thought Houston would eat Barclay’s lunch night. Barclay did enough to get through a tough game. The play calling helped him a bunch and it was mostly brilliant. I was also worried about the run fits without Burnett directing traffic. They struggled without him against Chicago. But, Palmer was clean and Hyde/Ha HA did well. I also underestimated how bad Smith is as a QB. They will never win a championship with a QB that is that limited in throwing deep and reading a defense. It’s a shame for KC fans because they have a good defense and a dynamic RB.

    Bakhtiari was terrible again tonight in pass protection. I’m not sure why he has regressed this year but it’s going to be an issue for the Packers in a close game against an elite team. They are going to have to address it if his play doesn’t improve.

    This offense is so potent when you couple Rodgers with this run game. Run blocking is outstanding. RB’s so far this year have great vision and take advantage of the opportunities. How many 6 yard+ runs did we see last night? A bunch. Teams have to honor the run and then Rodgers kills them.

    Peppers needs to lose snaps in base. He is largely ineffective on the outside. Elliott deserves more opportunity. Perry has also outproduced Peppers. Packer fans don’t like to hear it but Peppers went long stretches last year being invisible and through three games this year he has shown little. Time to transition to Elliott, Perry, Neal at OLB with Peppers playing DT in nickel and a spot sub outside in base.

    Again, the defensive line was the MVP of the night. Raji, Daniels, and Pennel were just outstanding. Every play one of them was making life difficult for KC. Jones added quality also before he got hurt. Guion is coming back this week also. This group could be special and put the Green Bay defense in the top 10 club before long.

    I am excited about this team. They have the roster and coaching to win a championship this year.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    Rodgers is a marvel to watch and he has been for some time now. The story of the game, though, is that this defense has a great chance to be dominant come January. The D line has been unreal.

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