Relieved that Cobb is back


I really like Randall Cobb and I have been monitoring the Packers offseason this year carefully waiting for news like this. The Packers would have been hurting offensively without Cobb. Yes Adams and even Janis show promise, but in today’s NFL, I think teams need at least 3 disruptive pass receivers to create the kinds of mismatches that win games consistently. (Yes, I think while Adams was decent this year and helped at times for sure, we were one major pass catcher short of having a totally unstoppable offense). Anyway, Cobb does something better than any WR on the team and really in the NFL (even Jordy – though Jordy’s good at it too), and that is simply that he has a telepathic connection with Aaron Rodgers. It is extraordinary to watch those to when the play is broken up. They know exactly what each is going to do. So many times Cobb has picked up a huge first down because of this (or scored season changing TDs against the Bears!)

This is a huge signing and frankly, it doesn’t surprise me that he may have passed up more lucrative offers. First of all, if you’re making $10M in a year, honestly, how much more does $1.5M really add? At $10M a year, wisely invested, Cobb and family will be set for not just life, but generations. Secondly, why would Cobb want to go to a (likely) weak team, learn a new offense and play with a QB nowhere near Rodgers’ level? Cobb signing this contract tells me pretty certainly that he is such a competitive player that he’d rather win than make a couple extra bucks. And lastly from perhaps a more selfish angle, if Cobb cares at all about his own legacy in the league – and his is shaping up to be a very fine one – then he doesn’t want to take the chance on having a rotten QB throw to him. Think about guys like Greg Jennings – when you go from Rodgers to anyone else, your numbers will suffer in part because you have to work that much harder to get open. With Rodgers, a defender can be inches away and he can wedge it in there – he is in the business of making WRs seem really good. Couple that with the already significant talent level that Cobb has, and you have a great combination.

Welcome back Randall!

5 Responses to “Relieved that Cobb is back”

  1. notjohnheard Says:

    Good news indeed, and takes my mind off worrying about big free agency losses for the next few years. Looking forward to the draft!

  2. DaveK Says:

    Very excited that Rodgers, Jordy, and Cobb will be playing together for at least 4 more years. Plus, Adams will join them for the next three years.

  3. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Good to see R.Cobb and B.Bulaga back. But after losing T.Williams and especially D.House, I wonder what our secondary is gonna be like next year.

    I think the Packers will regress as a team if the pass defense doesn’t get better next year.

  4. Frank G Says:

    It’s good to have both Bulaga and Cobb back in the fold, but the defense that got steamrolled by Seattle when the game was on the line got weaker. TT’s got to sign some FA’s to plug that leaky dike otherwise next season will end in frustration once again.

  5. Dave K Says:

    There was just no way they were going to able to keep House and Williams after the Jags and Browns offered them ridiculous contracts. You just can’t keep everyone and when marginal teams offer your guys stupid money you have to let them walk. They did the same with Wells, Dietrich-Smith, Colledge, Crabtree, Jennings, Jones, Walden, Al Harris, etc, etc, etc…. You just can’t over-pay guys on the downside of their career or pay roles players anything more then role player type money. (especially when you have a franchise QB eating up a ton of cap space) If you do, you lose the ability in the future to actually keep core players on your roster. Bulaga and Cobb are on the team today because Thompson didn’t over-spend even a little on Dietrich-Smith or Jennings or Jones, etc…….

    Last off-season the moaning and gnashing of teeth from fans was over Center. Dietrich-Smith signed stupid money in Tampa. Saturday (a mistake to sign and pay that much) retired. The only C on the roster was an unproven guy named JC Tretter. The clamor that Thompson had to sign a veteran center to protect Rodgers was constant. Thompson drafted Linsley in the 5th round. Tretter got hurt and Linsley stepped in and was really really good.

    About CB – The Packers have been really good at finding and developing CB’s. Woodson was shunned by the league as a locker room problem. Williams and Shields were both released players. Hyde, House, Hayward were draft picks. They now have two young guys, (Goodson and Glover-Wright) on the roster that are very raw but super athletic. (think Shields in 2010) They have a draft next month. (think Ha Ha) The Packers have a really good CB coach in Joe Whitt, Jr.. He might be the best CB coach in the NFL. Have some faith that TT can find talent and Joe Whitt and coach it.

    Take a deep breath and R-E-L-A-X!!

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