Hawk and Brad Jones both gone


To be clear – I liked both of these guys as people. By all accounts Hawk and Jones were very good guys, well-liked, high character guys. And in the case of Hawk, he was also apparently a quality defensive leader (scheme-wise, not physically). I also do appreciate Hawk’s ability to stay healthy and his embrace of Packer-ness. I think that counts for something for sure.

But the truth is, neither of these guys has belonged on the team for the last 3-4 years. This move should have been made years ago and it has been rather frustrating to watch management’s willingness to let this go not just because they were under-performing but because they were eating up valuable roster spots – quite likely delaying the development of other potential studs. Barrington finally got his chance this past year and look what he did with it! He has a lot more to learn but he very quickly showed how much more effective he is than Hawk was.

Mark my words, as another young talent comes in and takes over at ILB or if Matthews makes more of a full-time switch, it will become evident quite quickly just how much we’ve missed a legit presence in the middle of our defense.

I also wonder if dropping Hawk today may mean that the Packers are trying to work something out with Peppers who I heard will count a bunch against the cap if he doesn’t restructure. With Hawk and Jones gone I think we recover $7-8M of cap space. I’d like Peppers to come back…

3 Responses to “Hawk and Brad Jones both gone”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Hawk is a remnant of a bygone era, when there was a role for a “sure tackling” (hypothetically) ILB who can’t cover. These days there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as ILB and OLB, or DE vs DT. There are now just linemen and linebackers who have to be able to do it all. Barrington looks like the best find since Bishop and the Pack have a lot of good options in the front 7 going forward.

  2. Dave K Says:

    Thompson and Capers sure seems to have a blind spot at the inside linebacker position. The way they slow-played a starting spot for Bishop for three years. Hanging onto Hawk way too long even when it was obvious his physical skills were so limited. Thinking Brad Jones was the answer and giving him an absurd contract. Passing over some really good ILB’s in the draft. Yikes. I think TT is one of the best GM’s in the league but he sure has struggled at ILB.

  3. Frank G Says:

    Both players were awful last year; this was a move that cried out to be made. It’ll be interesting to see how TT reinvests the saved cap money. Of the two, Bulaga and Cobb, I think it’s imperative to sign Bulaga and keep our outstanding O-line together.

    Hopefully TT learned a lesson from the Pats’ success this year. Without FA’s Browner and Revis, NE wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl. Hopefully, TT will re-sign Peppers at a more cap-friendly number and reel in another quality FA this year to help out the D.

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