While I didn’t have a huge problem with the officiating…


There were 2 calls (1 call and 1 no call) I did struggle with – both of which had a huge impact on the game. Sweezy’s late hit on Matthews was ridiculous. The fact that we ultimately had to decline that penalty doesn’t make any sense. It was a late hit. PFT claims here that the NFL says that’s a judgment call. How could that be? Isn’t the definition of a late hit a hit after the play is dead? Wilson was down and Matthews was hit. That would have made it 2nd and 45 which would have made it virtually impossible for Seattle to go down and score a TD. That could have changed the game.

The other poor no-call was when Baldwin whipped the ball after his costly drop on that bloop pass from Wilson. That was a 15 yard penalty that again, would likely have stopped that drive. He was on the field when he did it and it is the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct.


4 Responses to “While I didn’t have a huge problem with the officiating…”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    How do you get 15 yards on Baldwin throwing the ball? That should be delay of game (5 yards) right?

  2. Dave K Says:

    Ok – looking on to next year. I would be interested to hear your take and your reader’s take on what do with Peppers next year. The Packers start having a string of important players needing contracts the next few years. This off-season includes Bulaga, Cobb, Williams, and House. Peppers has a big salary number next year. If they release him, he will count against the cap for $5m in dead money. If they keep him the cap number jumps to $12m. So, it will cost Ted Thompson $7m to keep Peppers another year. Is it worth it? Does TT believe in Elliott/Neal/Perry to replace Pepper’s production and leadership?

    Incidentally, you would save $7.5m by cutting both Jones ($3.75m) and Hawk ($3.5).

    Here is my guess. I think Jones will be released. Hawk will be asked to take a pay cut again to reflect him playing 10-15 snaps a game. What I can’t decide is if Peppers will be asked to restructure and push the cap hit into the future or if they ask him to take a pay cut. I would guess the decision will come after the draft. I am leaning towards pay cut. He isn’t an every down player any longer and that is a salary for elite players. He won’t get that type of money elsewhere. He seems to love the Packer organization and the Packers probably do represent his best shot at a championship. It seems to make sense for him to reduce his salary by $2-$3m and take one more shot at a ring. And, his salary reduced by $2-$3m is right about what he would get in free agency. If he is not willing to take a cut, I can see TT releasing him after June 01.

  3. awhayes Says:

    interesting thoughts DaveK. I wonder if Peppers might be open to restructuring the contract? Otherwise, $12M could be a bit much for TT. He’d be a really tough guy to lose though because besides contributing obviously on the field, from what I’ve heard, he was a really positive influence in the locker room and I think this team needs that on defense. Another concern I have is that If Matthews is truly shifting to an ILB or rotating more at least, we need a solid, reliable DE who can get pressure on the QB. I like Perry’s improvement and Elliot as well but I’d be far more comfortable with Peppers assuming this role than anyone else right now.

    Jones and Hawk both have to go. No reason to keep either guy. Cut them outright and pick up the cap space (and perhaps use it to cover Peppers for another year).

    I am concerned about Cobb – he should be the other priority. His monster season has raised his overall price – but I have a feeling he’d be willing to take a somewhat team-friendly deal to stay and play with Rodgers some more. After Cobb, Bulaga is the next priority. I think Tramon is important but we have some decent young secondary guys (like Hayward) that may be ready for the spotlight.

  4. Dave K Says:

    I think they slap the tag on Cobb if they cannot reach a deal. It would cost them $12.3 million. Jordy’s deal averaged almost $10m a year and a long term deal with Cobb would be at least that amount. So, the one year franchise tag only costs them a few million more. It does cause some cap strain but the Packer’s are in good enough cap shape to manage it. No way in my opinion does Cobb make it to free agency.

    Bulaga may be the more challenging negotiation. Good tackles rarely make into the free agent off-season and there will be plenty of OT needy teams ready to sign him. He has all the leverage especially if TT uses the franchise tag on Cobb. Bulaga will command elite RT money even if he isn’t quite elite level. The choice TT will have to make is if he is willing to slightly over-pay to keep Bulaga. I guess it depends on how they feel about Barclay coming back to play RT like he did two years ago. That is scary to me. One, Barclay is not Bulaga in terms of talent. Two, you are then one injury away from a total OL disaster.

    I really think the Packer’s would like Williams back but Cobb and Bulaga have to take priority especially with the other talent at CB on the roster. House may be the cheaper option then Williams and is on better side of 30. You have to sign one of them back. Let’s hope both. Let’s hope Williams wants to finish his career in Green Bay because I think better $ awaits him elsewhere. It’d be a shame to see him leave as he did have a quiet but solid season that allowed Capers some real flexibility with Burnett dropping him in the box.

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