Well written analysis of main reason Packers lost


Read here from Steven Ruiz of USAToday. Well written analysis contending McCarthy is primary goat here. What I like about this is that he doesn’t totally trash Mike McCarthy because the truth is McCarthy is definitely good at some things as a coach…in fact really good at some things. But managing the game, in the game, is not one of them. Ruiz points to a very troubling possibility – that McCarthy stuck with the run late for Lacy BECAUSE HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE LACY GOT TO 20 carries for the game! So he made play calls at the end of the game based on something he wanted to achieve before the game. Regardless of the situation. Again, read this article because it’s a well balanced, objective look at a big reason the Pack lost this game. And he fairly highlights both MM’s talents as an “offense builder” and his challenges as a game manager.

10 Responses to “Well written analysis of main reason Packers lost”

  1. Frank G Says:

    Spot on analysis. MM’s comments are completely absurd–I’d feel embarrassed for a HS coach who uttered such nonsense.

    I suspect that Brandon Bostick’s terrible play (he was supposed to block for Jordy, who would’ve had an easy catch–watch the replay) will deflect attention from MM’s role in this epic collapse.

    The defense still could’ve stopped them. As most of us feared, they were woefully unfit for the task.

    The Packers are in danger of becoming Mike Smith’s Falcons or Gary Kubiak’s Texans…succombing to stage fright when the bright lights of the playoffs shine on them.

    (Question: Will Bostick be given his own set of goat horns, or does TJ Rubley finally get to surrender the ones he earned against the Vikes in ’95?)

  2. Jim Says:

    Don’t forget, the Packers had FOUR 4th-and-1 opportunities and McCarthy kicked on every single one of them.

  3. Allen Wright Says:

    The 20 carries comment is frightening to hear, as a Packer fan. It’s kinda like hearing an artist say something like, “Well, I’ve studied all of the paintings considered to be masterpieces, and 90% of them had a heavy concentration of quick brush strokes in the bottom half of the canvas, using a dark color of paint, so that was a target I thought was really important to achieve when I was making my painting.” Of course, the problem with that kind of thinking is that coaching a football game isn’t a paint-by-numbers exercise. (Now to quickly mix my analogies…..) Some games require two cups of sugar, some require just one. A coach needs to possess the proper “feel” for how much sugar to dump in the bowl (and when to dump it in). McCarthy seems like an incredibly competent coach from Mondays-Saturdays. (all the days we, as fans, don’t get to see) Sundays – not so much.

  4. Rusty Says:

    There were several decisions or moments that had to go Seattle’s way for them to win. Packer fans know what they are… play calling, 3 points between halftime and the Seattle lead, the onside kick, 8 points left on the field, fake field goal, the two point conversion or the defensive collapse. This was a total team failure.

    For me Morgan Burnett sliding is the one that gets me… he has the pick. There is space on the sideline… maybe enough to get into field goal range. He slides… I hated it at the time, and hate it worse now. Unlike the other screw ups, this didn’t depend on execution or Seattle’s play. It was an unforced error.

    • awhayes Says:

      it was definitely a mistake – and one surprisingly aided by Peppers telling him to stop. just not a good idea.

  5. Joe Says:

    Interceptions don’t win football games–converting those turnovers into points does, which the Pack failed to do in all the subsequent trips down field. Settling for 1 TD and 5 FGs is not acceptable. All the stupid mistakes aside–Bostick’s onside fail, HHCD’s failed 2pt conversion defense, Hawk’s poor fake FG defensive decision, etc.–are still huge but would have been overlooked had even 1 of those 5 trips down field resulted in 7 rather than 3 pts. Utter failure.

  6. 56coop Says:

    My neighbors house burned down this morning. Still looking at firetrucks snd 55ems vehicles. Packers lost due to bad coaching and bad football but it is just a game. Much more important things in life. BTW, why do houses burn burn down and cars burn up?

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