Epic Collapse. More to come…just in shock right now.

7 Responses to “Unreal”

  1. kaiax33 Says:

    2 FGs within the 5 yard line, 6 points off 4 turnovers, interception where we took a knee rather than returning it, Hands team that wasn’t on the onside kick, HHCD can’t knock down air ball on 2 pt conv, not one throw to Sherman playing with what I’d guess is a broken humerus or dislocation. This was a coaching loss. Again. MM needs to go…now.

  2. Ace Says:

    One of the most aggressive coaches in football played total chicken today. Third and nineteen reminiscent of fourth and twenty nine. Two blown opportunities to get to the Super Bowl. No passes to get a first down when you would just give up a few seconds. Very bad!

  3. Frank G Says:

    MM played not to lose early in the game…and at the end. Came back to bite him in the end.

    Serious question: How can the team have faith in this coaching staff now? Seattle couldn’t have gotten to the Super Bowl without them.
    Changes need to be made. Capers, I suspect, will be sent packing. His unit gave up 3 td’s in three drives at the end, wiping out 55 minutes of good play. New Orleans 2 years ago and Dallas this year changed D coordinators and improved dramatically.

    MM deserves to go, but won’t, so Capers (and Slocum) will take the fall for this historic collapse. This type of loss can devastate a team.

  4. Frank G Says:

    If I were Mike McCarthy’s dog, I’d be looking’ over my shoulder for the next few days…*

    *see:Dan Devine

  5. Dave In Tucson Says:

    The problems punching it in in the end zone have been going on for a while now, going back at least to the Saints game, where touchdowns might’ve put the game away.

    Special teams has been an ugly mess too with too many blocked kicks, that missed onside kick with the Lions in week 17, and now the osk mess today.

    The defense played amazingly well for about the first 57 minutes of the game, and then just came apart like a wet paper bag.

    I don’t know. It’s like those last 4 minutes of the game were a perfect storm of every crappy thing the Packers have done all season long.

  6. JPE Says:

    Getting 6 pts off 4 interceptions is unacceptable, injured Rodgers or not. And those interceptions don’t erase the horrible onside kick, and the 2 pt conversion that should not have happened. Seattle did not deserve to win that game but they at least treated it like an nfc championship game. I hate Pete Carroll more than any coach in the NFL and to see him win makes me want to punch a hole through my wall…such a smug arrogant tool.
    The Seahawks did not deserve to win that game. I would have rather lost to Dallas.

  7. Ace Says:

    MM has been a great coach. Only New England has been able to stay at the top better than GB while constantly drafting at the bottom every year. Capers plan today was solid but for rushing 2 1/2 on third and nineteen. Offense shouldn’t have folded its tent so early. Should have passed as he has done many times before instead of playing clock games and hoping for the best. Ultimately the players simply didn’t execute when they had to at the end of the game. We probably all had this feeling of foreboding even in the fourth quarter—-and for good reason. Same coaches next year–need the best record so we play these games at Lambeau.

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