Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks

  • Terrible coaching to end the game. This is the worst loss I’ve been a part of as a Packer fan. The better team lost today. And lost because of coaching.
  • Seattle is the luckiest team in football. They are not as good as the Packers and they didn’t deserve to win today. This is a ridiculous loss. Positively ridiculous. And in a sickening way, it reminds me of the ridiculous “loss” a few years ago on the terrible call – it’s just that this one hurts WAY more.
  • How do you lose a game in which you cause 5 turnovers. It is so ridiculous I am just stunned.
  • This is somewhat of a classic situation where we didn’t play the game through to the end. We stopped playing somewhere around minute 55 and it cost us.
  • Mike McCarthy lost the game today. He and Capers did an incredible job getting the team ready to play the first half and and absolutely flat out lost the game in the end. With just over 4 minutes left, the Packers just let them win it. We called horrendous play calls to Lacy on that series just giving them the ball back. We definitely didn’t have the game won at that point but we acted like there were only 2 minutes left, not 4. It was ridiculous coaching in there. You have the best QB in the NFL, you let him throw the ball and you let him close out the game. I know we wanted to eat up time but we also didn’t want to sort of give up offensively and leave the luckiest team in the NFL still enough time to come back. It’s just terrible.
  • I sensed early in the second half that the Packers were going to pull back. I just got that feeling that there was a “I can’t believe we’re winning right now” thought going on in the coaches heads. Rodgers, the MVP, threw 8 passes in the second half. Eight. That is so absurd it’s hard fathom. Even if you’re up by 28, the game is in Seattle, they are incredibly lucky and your team is incredibly unlucky. Why do you take the ball out of his hands? He was moving well and after the early picks he seemed to develop a rhythm. He wasn’t at his best today, no, but he should have been tasked with putting the game away and not just playing game manager.
  • Peppers was awesome this year and one of the brightest bright spots possible, but he made a costly mistake telling Burnett to go down after the pick. Burnett looked to have the whole left side of the field. Just terrible. Also an error of course on Burnett’s part.
  • That said, Burnett was a force today (2 sacks, 1 pick, 8 tackles).
  • Crosby was fantastic. I had a feeling he’d have a big FG today. He had the game of his life and unfortunately it too was squandered.
  • Tim Masthay should be cut. He was poor again today. Lots of line drive punts and a shank. Didn’t hurt us THAT bad but we may need to take another look at punting next year.
  • Clinton-Dix had a heck of a game but his miss on the 3rd pick and the whiff on the ridiculously lucky 2 point conversion would have changed the game. Hard to blame him that much though as he really played well for much of the game.
  • Rodgers could have been better today. He and WR were off a bit today. But he was good enough that he should definitely NOT have effectively been taken out of the game with playcalling – again only 8 passes in the second half.
  • Hawk was playing an awful lot in the end. What happened? Was Matthews or someone hurt? I can’t imagine why they throw him in there when it matters most. The personnel groupings that had been in throughout the game had done a heck of a job. He comes in and misplays the fake FG TD and then gets run over immediately on Lynch’s TD. He’s a very poor football player and should be gone next year.
  • The lesson here today is pretty simple – you have a better chance of winning if you’re aggressive and you stay that way. Seattle played awful today but hung in there in part because they didn’t stop trying to be aggressive, tried a fake FG and took advantage of playing against an opposing coach who was coaching afraid. Between the total whiff toward the end of the game with playcalling and the decision to 2x kick FGs at Seattle’s 1 yard line, MM coached scared. And importantly, it sends a message to the team that says ‘Ah, I’m not so sure we can do it”. What would Belichick, Tomlin, Carroll, Bruce Arians – what would they have done in those situations?
  • In my mind we don’t have the coaching skills to get to the Super Bowl again. We just don’t. Yes, these coaches have won a Super Bowl but that was a few years ago and I just don’t think they can do it again. They laid down in the end and let Seattle just roll over us. At the most critical time in the game, MM didn’t show up. He and/or Rodgers called the weak runs to Lacy and I really think that series right there was one of the most disappointing I’ve witnessed in a long time as a Packer fan. Capers D – as well as they played overall – looked completely out of sorts toward the end and seemed to shift to a textbook prevent D or something. And they allowed some monster completions that just killed us. (Though I need to be careful here to clarify – the defense did not lose this game. No way. They came to play.)
  • I hate to say it but Mike Holmgren or Bill Belicheck coaching the Packers wins that game 31-13 or something. No way they would have pulled back like that.
  • What is so incredibly frustrating is that this post was going to be very very different. Capers drew up an exquisite gameplan that was ruined by one of the most epic meltdowns in sports history, and by shifty and overly conservative playcalling. Not only did the Packers totally and completely outplay Seattle for 55 minutes, they played well enough that they would have had serious momentum heading into the Super Bowl. It is just sickening that this happened. The better team did not win today. That’s one thing I am absolutely sure of. But it’s probably safe to say the better coaches did.
  • Ugh – Please Share Your Thoughts. This is going to be a tough one to recover from…

16 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Seahawks”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    > This is the worst loss I’ve been a part of as a Packer fan.

    Really not sure how you can say that. The 2001 divisional round loss to the Rams, the 2002 wildcard loss to the Falcons, the 2004 wildcard loss to the Vikings, the 2011 divisional round loss to the Giants. This loss hurts, but I’d rank all those much, much worse.

    We can talk regular season too if you want (the 1998 MNF game where the Vikings came into Lambeau and just blew the Packers out of their own stadium, and gave them their first home loss in 3 years comes to mind)

    > The better team lost today.

    Well, the Seahawks played like absolute dopes for a big chunk of this game. They finally woke up just in time, got some breaks (Clinton-Dix out of position to break up the two point conversion, the OSK recovery and the OT coin toss) but they absolutely got out there and made some legitimate plays, and made our defense look like dopes on their last three drives.

    • Frank G Says:

      No, I’m with Awhayes on this one. None of the other losses you mentioned would’ve punched a ticket to the Super Bowl. The possibility of the Packers losing today with 4 minutes left in the game and up by 12 was minute (I’m sure the guys at 538 or Deadspin will have it calculated out by Tuesday). Only the Super Bowl loss can compare to this disaster. Even so, we were fighting uphill all day on that one.

      Truly a case of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” today.

  2. Dave K Says:

    I can’t even begin… would take a hour. It’d be angry, incoherent, irrational.

  3. Ace Says:

    Just don’t agree with your coaching changes–bad segment today but remember Devine, Infante, Starr and others. McCarthy capers have kept us in the playoffs for all but one of his years here. We had decades with one playoff game before holmgren and McCarthy came. Eagles loss was harder for me than this one but both were major plucking defeat from the arms of victory games.

  4. AZPackFan Says:

    We are quickly becoming the Manning Colts. We play 1 half and the try and work the clock, this team is better than that and that type of coaching will NEVER succeed. When we won it all, McCarthy was innovative and aggressive, apparently his balls dropped off. Take the play calling from him, he is not capable. Oh, and good luck in the CFL Bostick, you are NOT and never were NFL material.

  5. Frank G Says:

    –After Burnett’s pick, the 2 awful play calls of Lacy up the gut against a stacked and charging Seahawks D-line will haunt me forever. We lost about 7 yards combined, if I recall correctly. Play action fake, anyone? Doesn’t need to be a bomb…a short pass to the TE would’ve sufficed. One first down would’ve won the game. MM took the game out of the hands of his MVP QB and left it up to Capers/Slocum to win it. This was a very bad idea. A very, very bad idea.

    –Slocum was terrible today. Up 16-0, with the Seattle offense stuck in neutral, he fails to guard against a fake FG…unforgivable. Best of luck to Mr. Slocum as he embarks on his career as a substitute gym teacher…

    –Dom Capers’ defense proved that the last 9 games and the first 55 minutes of this game were fool’s gold. When the chips were down, they failed miserably…yet again.

    –For all his talk of being aggressive, MM was most certainly not so in the second half. I still don’t know what the Packers’ plan was coming out of the break.

    –Crushing loss. This will resonate into next year, I fear.

    –Another great year by our incomparable QB has been wasted.

  6. Frank G Says:

    Helpful tip to frustrated Packer faithful: Head outside and unleash a primal scream. It helps…a little.

    (Stops typing/waits for police to arrive…)

  7. RT Middletown Delaware Says:

    Rodgers tries to be too cute, he constantly takes the play clock to zero, he gets a few off-sides, but he also tenses up his guys by doing this. Watching Brady, when he is moving, he steps to the line, the ball is snapped, keeps the D on their heels versus letting them settle in and think about the play.

    I’ve been a packer fan since 1962 (8th grade), this is the worst loss I’ve ever seen from them. A.W. you are correct, we have a huge coaching problem. In his greatest game Lombardi rolled it all, didn’t go for a field goal, today two chances at 4th down we give it away. Rodgers is good, but he seems to be too tentative when it counts.

    sorry game. Now my hope is with Brady.

  8. Frank G Says:

    Fun stat: Seattle offense had 191 yards of offense in the first 55 minutes. They had 206 yards on the last 3 drives.

  9. Robert Schnell Says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! I think your thoughts are right on the money. I would especially like to commend you for saying it was conservative play calling by MM that cost us this game, as it has in the past as well. Thank you for your excellent insight. Yes, we are all heartbroken and angry. Yes, MM should of put the ball in Rodgers hands and let him win it. But, no, the genius
    head coach had the final say and decided to play like an ostrich in the second half. It was a helpless feeling, his ignorance caused all
    Packer fans to feel in the second half.

    Well, to everyone associated with Packergeeks, have a good off-season. Count your blessings and remember; while we love and support our Packer team always, it is just entertainment sports and that’s it. Cherish the truly important things in life, such things as
    family, relatives, friends, your vocation, good health and trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Then, when summer
    camp begins again, let’s look forward to another, hopefully, great season. Take care one and all!

  10. SteveK Says:

    Andy, agree with many of your comments. Our coaching staff continues to hurt more than help. The team has enough talent to regularly make playoffs but lacks coaching intelligence needed to win championships. McCarthy, Capers, and Slocum all have tendency to fail in crucial games/moments. Capers no-rush call on 3rd and 19 was beyond idiotic. Took all momentum away from aggressive defensive play up to that point. McCarthy’s statement that his chart said they should run 20+ times in 2nd half sounds so incredibly stupid and shows his complete lack of feel for rhythm of games. Slocum’s incompetence is beyond debate. Unfortunately, Mike Murphy is content to sit on his hands and do nothing. Organization is now more focused on making money than winning championships. Sad but true.

  11. Chad Beck Says:

    Agree with a lot of your points. I do think that Matthews did leave the game with some sort of injury (knee?) which is why we saw Hawk out there (for hopefully the last time ever in green & gold). I have to ask myself – if you gave Belichick a 16-0 lead, does he bring home the win? The answer is: yes. McCarthy is a very good coach, but he’s lacking something. He coached scared today. Scared money don’t make money. I also think that I’m pretty much always against kicking 18 yard field goals (except in a game-winning kick situation) That set a bad tone. No way do you not go for it there. Scared, scared, scared. The onside kick I pretty much saw coming. (sadly)

  12. Bill Says:

    Time for Capers to go. The defense played fantastic and you have to credit his game planning, but: (1) The 3rd and 19, drop 8 guys into coverage was a horrible call; all the defensive success to that point was predicated on playing aggressively and he went completely away from that. (2) The only way you lose on the first possession in overtime is by giving up a touchdown; not having any deep safety help was fatal. Capers has had ample opportunity to demonstrate that he can produce a defense that can win championships. He came close yesterday, but with his track record since the 2010 season, enough is enough. Plus that comb-over his horrible.

  13. 4th and 1 Says:

    Many of us felt as if we were watching a bad version of the Buffalo Wild wings commercial. Bartender pulls secret switches which create a series of clusters….etc..

    “Coach Mike” is a liability and it will be interesting to see if upper management moves to relieve him of play calling duties.He needs to become more involved in all phases of the game and “see the whole field”… Obviously changes at DC and Special Team coordinators wouldn’t be unexpected.

    I was at the “Ice Bowl” and believe me, this loss hurt more than any of my frozen appendages

  14. kozakman Says:

    Ultimately this game was lost by special teams. The fake for a TD and the onside kick. With the Packers raked last in the league in special teams Slocum has to go. Period.

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